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Effective Communication Case Study Analysis Paper (Pepsi)University of Phoenix09 January 2007Effective Communication Case Study Analysis (Pepsi)Understanding opinions, facts, thoughts are part of the listening and responding process; all these items hopefully lead up to one common goal, which is effective communication. Effective communication is an art that needs mastering by all individuals regardless of race, religion or ethnic background. A definition of this subject describes this skill as "to help reduce local discomforts for him or her: and to be effective and to ensure that the intendeds primary needs are met well enough" (Gerlach, 2006).This individual's mother (MOM) ...view middle of the document...

The internal public consisted of the employees and local Pepsi-Cola Bottlers. The bottlers are considered internal even though theoretically they are an external source because they have been entrusted with the PepsiCo name and product. The external public is described as the media and consumers whom purchased the product.Communication ImpactPepsiCo had hoped that the public would eagerly accept their communications rapidly however; they were misconceived and pushed to the wayside due to the overwhelming number of nightly Jay Leno monologues and cartoonists spoofs (Center & Jackson, 2003).The intended message would have most definitely been communicated more effectively if from the beginning PepsiCo had lead all media communications instead of allowing Alpac Corporation (their local bottler) to handle media inquiries. PepsiCo should have not only reassured the public but their employees at the same time; this would have eased the worker's mind in knowing they are providing a safe and quality product to the consumer market.PepsiCo's Different Public Relations ToolsPepsiCo had a clear PR strategy, which was to have one spokes person-which was Madeira; this individual was not only the spokesperson but also the director of the PR crisis center. Madeira also initiated a second team, which consisted of six media relation's specialists (Center & Jackson, 2003). This second team would handle writing and producing video news releases, charts, audiotapes, press releases and diagrams of the production process and photos for external and internal distributions (Center & Jackson, 2003).A consumer relation hotline was established to man the phones 24-hour tool free hotlines. Scientific and regulatory affairs departments would work with the FDA and local health departments to evaluate and follow each complaint. The sales and marketing department would continue to maintain a solid and honest relationship with grocery stores, restaurants, convenient stores, consumers and who ever else had purchased PepsiCo's product. The manufacturing plants fully complied with the FDA and made produced all filling line processes in layman's terms so all could understand.Finally, a legal team scrutinized all stages of reporting keeping the entire project in-house and helping to keep all responses based on four basic principles. The four principles were "put public safety first, fiend the problem and fix it, communicate frequently, quickly and regularly, and take responsibility for resolving the crisis" (Center & Jackson, 2003, p.10).Other Tools which should have been usedDue to the fact...

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