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Mixing And Amplitude Modulation Principle Essay

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The objective of this experiment is to learn the principles of amplitude modulation and to observe the outcome when the two signals are mixed.

Basically in this experiment we were trying to explore and study about amplitude modulation. Amplitude modulation is used in electronic communication and is commonly used for transmitting information or messages by a radio carrier wave. I find this experiment very useful to us because it will further ...view middle of the document...

The experiment is very short yet we were able to learn more and were able to see an actual waveform generated which supports the lessons that we have learned from our lecture classes. I might say that so far this is the only experiment that we were able to finish it with complacency.
During the first part of our experiment we were trying to get the expected waveform of a modulated signal using the ECE21 board #1 and ECE21 board #4.We tried to adjust the frequencies of the signal generator and its amplitude which is 3 Vpp to get the expected waveform. Once the waveform is obtain, we then compute the percent modulation of the circuit using the Vmax and the Vmin of the waveform obtained and displayed in our oscilloscope. We tried to decrease the amplitude of the panel generator to zero and was able to notice that it will result to a small amplitude and a non-modulated signal. We also tried to increase the amplitude of the signal until we can obtain the highest percent of modulation but we were not able to reach 100% modulation. Then the last part of our experiment is that we removed the tank circuit and obtain the waveform of AM. Without the tank circuit, there will be no signals or no signal will be pick out to modulate.

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