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Mix Racial And Cultural Groups Are Growing In The United States

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Rough Draft- Descriptive Essay- My Bedroom
Posted by: Hilary Giblin on: October 26, 2009
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As I sit bundled up in a warm, brown, comfy hoodie and a big, pink blanket, I say to myself, “Where is my favourite place to be?”  Well that’s easy, it’s here in my room.  My room is the one place I can be me.  I can be perfectly content by myself in this room, or happily laying watching TV with my boyfriend.  When sitting on my pink, candy cane, stripped bed with my lime green, fluffy to the touch blanket and hot pink and black pillows, I look around my room and I notice that all my walls are different yet they all tie perfectly together.
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  My lamp is orange fabric with pink hanging circles all around it.
Looking to my left the wall is mainly covered by a large, grand, floor length mirror.  When I do my makeup in the morning, my mirror is crispy, cold, and refreshing to the touch as I wipe the smudges of mascara off of it.  Above my mirror is a picture of the Ottawa buildings and landscapes.  Beside that is my black and white clock.  I hear it tick, tock, tick, tock everyday and every night.  Below my tick, tock clock is a wooden decoration.  It has three coloured chinese symbols on it.  Faith comes first in a rustic, gold.  Next is love with a warm, rosy pink, and last is family in a rich, royal blue.  I love this wall the most because I can see who I am, where I came from, and who, and what I care most about.
Behind me is my third wall.  It’s the wall with the important things, by door, and my bed.  I have a side table that my mum and I painted a lilac, and crisp white.  It reminds me of how the flowers look right when the snow starts to melt in the beginning of spring.  On top of my side table I have a sleek, silver, and clear lamp with a deep, black, round lamp shade.  Next to my side table in my luxurious, comforting, come lay in me...

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