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Misuse Of The Internet Essay

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Development of the Internet 3

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Using the Internet for Research 4

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Development of the Internet
J.C.R. Licklider is often referred to as the father of the Internet; he is credited with the initial idea of an interactive computing and “Galactic Network”. His initial concepts were developed through DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in 1962.
During the 1990’s Tim Berners-Lee is considered by most people as the person who opened up the potential of the ...view middle of the document...

Computer viruses were once the biggest threat to Internet users created to crash millions of machines for effect. Now criminals are much more sophisticated and are able to create ‘spyware’ to target and infiltrate selected users, to reproduce and use their personal details.

Using the Internet for Research
Students traditionally carry out research and study through published materials at a library. Before any book or journal is made available it has usually gone through a number of checks to make sure the information is reliable. Students are faced with new issues when carrying out research on the Internet. There is no regulating body that monitors the reliability of what is on the Internet. The problem is that on the Internet there is no way of telling the difference between what seems like a reliable source, from which you can obtain useful information, and questionable information from politically motivated groups, sponsored sites or simply eccentric individuals.
There are five points to consider when judging the reliability of information on the Internet:


Anyone can publish material on the Internet, and to date there is no standard for checking the accuracy of this information. If a web page lists the author and institution that published the page, and provides a way of contacting them, it is likely to be a reliable source of information.


Publishing on the Internet is so easy, checking the author’s credentials are important to determine that his/her expertise is relevant to the subject covered.


Any published source, print or non-print, is rarely 100% objective, this is particularly true of web sites which often have advertising or sponsorship attached to them. Determining the author's point of view or bias as well as checking the accuracy of the...

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