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Misbehavior Essay

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Accomplished, versatile, and effective Project Manager with 10+ years of experience in Financial Analysis, Business Development, Project Management, Team Training, Client Support, and System Implementation across telecommunications and technology companies. Recognized for exceptional ability to research, analyze, and implement innovative processes and system solutions that ensure cost reduction and improvements in efficiencies and performance. A Proven communicator, fostering relations with management, team members, vendors, and customers, consistently achieving profitability and quality goals.

Area Of Expertise

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✓ Completed several projects below budgets expectations resulting in huge company savings.

Professional Experience

Sr. Project Manager (Consultant) Dec.'14 - Present

▪ Prepare measurement reports that define project changes and emphasize the business impact of key products.
▪ Analyze business results by reviewing trends, statistics, variances, data correlations, and group tests for significant differences.
▪ Prepare ROI analysis and audits on critical employee training programs, including new products across the enterprise.
▪ Contribute to the development of organization-wide measurement strategies, testing the effectiveness of training.
▪ Perform project management responsibilities, which include forecasting, scheduling, budget monitoring and metrics.
▪ Oversee a bi-weekly meeting with project managers and key stakeholders to review project variances and progression.
▪ Administer performance evaluations, utilizing company-determined metrics and analysis of project outcomes and deliverables.

Project Manager (Consultant) Sept.'13 - Nov.'14
◆ Planned, organized, directed, and controlled the delivery of telecommunications projects and ranked in alignment with the customer's prospects and company requirements.
◆ Negotiated and executed new contract with major vendors such as AT&T, Verizon and Century LINK for new and existing services in relation to National infrastructure that resulted in over $500K in yearly revenue.
◆ Managed telecommunications budget for up to $8M allocating among cross-functional teams, developers, programmers, analysts, and network specialists.
◆ Worked with external vendors to acquire resources external to the organization to ensure that project is completed by the GO-LIVE, Telecommunications manager/Operations Manager.
◆ Proactively worked with Global team to ensure that project related accounts were reconciled and fully charged back to customer projects to preserve account profitability.
◆ Documented customer requirements in support of solution design and configuration through work flow diagram.
Project Manager / Accounting Manager Jan.'05 - Sept.'13

◆ Manage projects from inception to completion, including developing the project plans, charting milestones, and designing solutions and deliverables.
◆ Partner with the development team, vendors, and various service providers to meet project objectives while developing third party and organizational relationships.
◆ Identify areas of opportunity, as well as profit-negative projects, and devise strategies to turn around and improve operations and company finances.
◆ Oversee numerous aspects of project and department management, including budgets, time management, scope of work, quality control, financial operations, procurement, human resources, risk management, and delivery of...

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