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Mis Report Of Brac

5402 words - 22 pages

1. Introduction
 A management information system (MIS) provides information thatorganizations need to manage themselves efficiently and effectively. Management information systems are typically computer systems used for managing five primary components: hardware, software, data (information for decision making), procedures (design, development and documentation), and people (individuals, groups, or organizations). Management information systems are distinct from other information systems, in that they are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities.
(O’Brien, 1999)
BRAC, an international development organization based in Bangladesh, is the largest non-governmental ...view middle of the document...

Specific Objective(s) to know and understand the level of MIS that the organization has applied To determine how the Human Resource Department of BRAC has applied enterprise wide system. To determine how the Finance Department of BRAC has applied enterprise wide system. To know the challenges they are facing while implementing and working with MIS.

1.3 Scope
This study looks into the present Management Information Systems of BRAC. Then the scope of the work focuses on different enterprise wide systems working in both the Finance and Human Resource Department of BRAC. In doing so, the study includes different levels of MIS that are working at present. Furthermore, this study analyzes the challenges of implementing and working with MIS.
1.4 Limitation
Time is the greatest limitation of this research. Another limitation is the availability of information. This kind of information is sensitive to the company and so may not be obtainable with ease. BRAC is a mammoth organization working in many different sectors successfully. The study includes only two different departments of BRAC. We can get a better picture if we would include all the departments. Moreover a comprehensive knowledge would be depicted we would have been compare several similar organization.
1.5 Methodology
Research design: We conducted a descriptive research to correlate the theories of Management Information Systems with current practices.
Data collection method: We used both primary and secondary data to conduct the study.
1.6 Primary data
Primary data will be collected from-Key Informants Attend (KIA) who are knowledgeable or expert of Management Information Systems in Bangladesh.
1.7 Secondary data
Secondary data will be collected from-Journals Textbooks Articles Publications Websites
1.8 Instruments of data collection
Different types of data collection tools will be applied in this study considering types of the respondents and methods of the study. Major data collection tools that will be applied to conduct the study are as follows: Semi-Structured Interview Schedule (SSIS): A semi-structured interview schedules was used to collect data from operation level managers. Question Guideline for expert interview: A comprehensive question guideline was developed. This guideline facilitated the process of interviewing the experts and higher level managers.

2. Literature Review
The concept of MIS gives high regard to the individual and his ability to use information. An MIS gives information through data analysis. While analyzing the data, it relies on many academic disciplines. These include the theories, principles and concepts from the Management Science, Psychology and Human Behaviour, making the MIS more effective and useful. These academic disciplines are used in designing the MIS, evolving the decision support tools for modelling and decision making. (Lucey, 2005)The foundation of MIS is the principles of management and if its practices.MIS uses the concept...

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