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Mis In Tcs Pakistan Essay

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Introduction (Today¶s Market Scenario)


The amount of competition faced by organizations today is more intensive than it was ever before. With the ever-expanding number of organizations and products, customers have a wide array of choices available. As a consequence the manufacturers and service providers now have to view their products and services from the customers¶ point of view not only to maintain a high quality but also to incorporate the customer-defined improvements whenever needed. In order to remain in business for long term and ensure their survival they have to incorporate techniques that would force the customer to ...view middle of the document...


The markets of today have gone global, hence organizations are competing across boundaries as distances have reduced, communication costs are low and one does not need to be in a geographical region to be able to service customers. The emergence of technologies like the Internet has enabled organizations to communicate with and support customers all over the world. The power of communication is directly related to the rapidly advancing field of technology. With the dawning of every new day, these advancements notch up a gear, hence as we open our eyes to every passing day, we are hypothetically stepping into a more technologically advanced world. Technology can help an organization achieve a lot for example:


In today¶s competing environment technology has become the key for success, but only if it creates a unique advantage over competitors. Therefore organizations need to make sure that: ³Customer care needs to be 100% i.e. 100% availability to the customer, 100% consistency, 100% response record and 100% fulfillment of customer's needs.´


The change in paradigms from mass production to mass customization has also given way to the multiplication of communication mediums. Internet, mobile and short messaging services are the modern methods that provide round the clock availability and global connectivity. Thousands of brands of products and services are created everyday, transmission of information through media has reached enormous proportions, and thus battle for the market share has become a lot tougher.


Even a developing country like Pakistan has not stayed behind in welcoming such changes in paradigms. The changes taking place in the world markets have

affected the local scene in Pakistan. Many international organizations are entering the domestic market therefore increasing competition among the various operatives. The revolution of technology has signaled expansion of IT, Internet and Telecom networks across Pakistan. The government has opened venues in other sectors as well to enhance growth and improve economic situation of the country.


One such industry in Pakistan that has become popular due to its exceeding demand in this fast paced environment is the courier industry. In Pakistan, TCS currently dominates most of the market share as compared to its competitors like OCS couriers, SpeedEx, Leopards, Gerry¶s International and DHL etc. Many years ago customers had only one option for sending packages, letters etc and that was via Pakistan Post Office. But now the dynamics of the market have taken hence the new courier services with their advanced logistics and overall infrastructure are able to provide such services to the eager customer. µTime saving¶ and µgreater accuracy¶ are essential part of every industry but courier companies would definitely be more focused on them as the services they provide solely thrive on the above two mentioned aspects. Responding quickly to...

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