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Client Technology Tracking System


n this section you will learn background information that will prepare you to understand and complete each of the milestones of this case study. This information includes a history of the business, a description of the business’s current facilities, and the descriptions of the problems that triggered the project.

Case Background

Coastline Systems Consulting is a provider of managed computer networks and web services located in Destin, Florida. The staff of seven IT technicians, web designers, and systems integrators provides a range of networking, computer hardware, and software solutions to area businesses. ...view middle of the document...

Notebooks also have integrated Ethernet NICs and modems so they can connect to the Internet at home and at clients' places of business.

The Problem

As Coastline's client base and the complexity of installations have grown, keeping track of the clients' hardware and software configurations has become a nightmare. Each client PC contains various components, such as video cards, NICs, and keyboards which are replaced at different times and so have differing warranty periods that must be tracked. Every client has multiple PCs and network devices, whose passwords and configurations must be accessible by technicians in the Coastline office and in the field. One technician is "on-call" every weekend, meaning the data has to be accessible from home as well. This has to be organized in a way that is easily accessible by any technician at any time or place but secure from unauthorized users.

In addition to tracking components and passwords, clients call and e-mail the Coastline...

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