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Mis 535 Final Project (Current Systems)

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Current Systems
The current system that St John’s University has implemented caters to everyone in the college community. Their system covers from admissions through graduation and everything in between. One accesses their university information system through what they call St. John’s Central (, 2013). Through the university’s website, St Johns Central provides internet access to manage many facets of one’s college career. According to (2013), the University possesses a wide variety of technology systems, places, and services including:
* Electronic Mail (E-mail)
* Some helpful places to bookmark
* Some important places for learning
* Computing ...view middle of the document...

The university’s user interface for e-mail is simple to understand and navigate making it easier for the students and professors to use.
Through the St John’s network one can bookmark anything they need so long as they have access to the web. claims that almost anything one wants to do is available anywhere in the world where one can find an internet connection (, 2013). One could be anywhere in the world and so long as there is connection to the internet, one could work on an assignment for class or one could work on grading exams or homework or monitor discussions between its class’ students. This is very beneficial to all, and makes everyone that much more productive.
The university’s website joins most all of the university’s departments into what can be deemed as one stop shopping for all who access it. Through the website, students can connect to many resources including multiple databases to view one’s grades, pay tuition expenses, link to the blackboard platform, where students connect with other students or their professors. That is key, since most classes are hybrid courses (blended, some online and some in class physically) blackboard is the way to connect with others in the class. Blackboard is a great tool to have because ultimately, blackboard gives the students the best chance to succeed in its college career. With the website, students can even purchase their books and supplies all from the comforts of their home or anywhere else they feel comfortable outside of school. Now in order to properly use the blackboard, the university uses Java software for its programming. According to Laudon & Laudon(2012), “Java software is designed to run on any computer or computing device, regardless of the specific microprocessor or operating system the device uses.” The great thing about Java software, is that no matter the operating system, Java can be run which allows the programming of a particular computer or device to work properly while accessing the university’s network, allowing cloud computing to be possible. As I mentioned earlier, one uses St John’s website to access its UIS, the University Information System. Through the UIS one can access more private information including demographic information like social, class status, graduation status, and financial information including holds, tuition bills, scholarship information, and FAFSA information.
It is vital that St John’s University’s systems are up to date and continue being top of the line because today most learning is done over the internet on their network. It is also equally important that the university provides tips and tutorials on how to properly navigate its network over the internet because eLearning can be quite complex and complicated, and the difference between students at the university level and above, and other students is that students at the university level are totally responsible for their own work and no one will be there to...

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