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Mirror Of Royalty Essay

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Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived on the streets named Meadow. After snatching her dinner from the local bakery, Meadow raced down the town’s riverbank to her hideout. As she sinks her teeth into the loaf of bread, a dark towering witch appears before her. “Meadow” the witch’s voice crackles “This life has hardened you and I’ve come to take away all you have known.” The witch then reaches out and touches Meadows open hand. In the center of her palm appears a small dark speckle that grows and grows and continues to grow as if her hand is filling with a black puddle, then “Poof, it burst into the air creating a cloud. Meadow falls down and becomes wheezy. ...view middle of the document...

She reached into her pocket and found the rest of the bread loaf and threw it towards the dog. The dog immediately stopped, turned around, grabbed the bread and started towards Meadow. The dog sat down before Meadow, dropped the bread and began wagging his tail. “You’re not snarling at all.” Meadow said. “You’re just hungry.” Meadow then split the bread in two and shared with him. “There you go boy, now I’m off.” The dog then chomped down the food and spoke “May I follow?” Meadow turns around shocked to see the animal had spoken. “You can talk?” She asked in a high pitched voice “Yes I can.” The dog replied “My name is Sam and I’ve been cursed by an evil witch. I’ve been begging for help but all the towns’ people run scared.” Meadow realizing her heart goes out to this poor creature vows to take Sam with her to help defeat his curse.
While walking in the woods Sam and Meadow begin to hear voices. Unsure of who it might be they tip toe closer. They then hid behind a tree and peak out to discover a troll has kidnapped a fairy and is going to cook her into stew. Meadow and Sam then look at each other and realize they cannot just leave this poor fairy there to die. Meadow then jumps out and calls on the troll. “Hey Troll.” She yells while throwing a rock, hitting the beast in the back of the head. “Come pick on someone your own size. The troll then turns and begins to run towards Meadow. She sees a rope nearby grabs it, lasso’s it around a nearby rock ledge on the left then runs towards the troll and veers off the right to tie it to a tree. The troll trips and falls on its hideous face knocking it out. Meadow then frees the fairy from her rope binding. “You are incredibly heroic my dear Meadow.” The fairy says “How do you know my name? Meadow asks. “I’m your fairy godmother Meadow, I know all and see all. You have but one challenge left my dear and you mustn’t forget the mirror.” The fairy then snaps her fingers and disappears into thin air. Sam and Meadow turn to each other and in sync announce “Some fairy Godmother” and continue on their path.
As the day passes and night comes Meadow and Sam find a short cut to the castle. The shortcut appears unsettling and covered in thorn bushes. “I’m not sure about this Meadow.” Sam exclaims. “The sign says it saves a day’s travel and I haven’t got much time Sam.” Meadow shows Sam her arm. The black veins have covered her entire left arm and are nearing her chest. They agree to take the short cut. They fight their way through cob webs, creepy crawly insects and thorn bushes all night. Its nearly dawn and Meadow can see the Royal castle just on the other side of this marshy muddy area. Sam runs passed her, using logs and rocks to tread upon. Meadow in her excitement just powers through the mud only to fall waste deep into a bog hole. She kicks and pulls and attempts to swim only to fall deeper. “Meadow let me help, let me...

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