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Minors And Contraception Essay

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Cherish Wyatt (012159165)
Ecology, Pollution or Population Problems
November 17, 2010
The Issue of Minors Having Access to Contraception

For many years, there has been challenges in regards to laws protecting minors and their right to confidentiality within reproductive health services. The challenges include parents perception of their children having access to contraceptives promotes participating in sexual intercourse. On the other hand, minor children may not only seek contraceptives to protect from reproduction, but may also be needed to regulate monthly cycles. In 1985, the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that a state-operated family planning center has no constitutional obligation ...view middle of the document...

I strongly suggest that when a minor is seeking contraceptives, there should be a mandatory screening by phone asking if parents are aware of the visit or not. If a parent is aware or not of the visit, I propose an optional counseling session between the minor, parent and staff member of the agency educating more on contraceptives and services.
“More than one-third of teenagers who visit reproductive health care providers obtain services at publicly funded family planning clinics, and adolescent clients in these facilities are minority and low-income based” (Jones & Boonstra, 2004). This means that adolescents most in need of government funded reproductive health services would be affected by mandatory parental involvement.
In 2001, there was a study conducted from three Planned Parenthood family planning clinics in Milwaukee. The study included sexually active girls under the age of 18 and were asked to complete a confidential survey asking if informing parents were required, would you stop using Planned Parenthood services? (Reddy, Fleming & Swain, 2002). 47% of the study reported that they would stop using all Planned Parenthood services if their parents were notified that they were seeking prescribed birth control pills or devices. This study identifies how the idea of having to mandatory inform parents of these services can be problematic. If parents are mandatory notified, many of those who were seeking contraceptives will then stop, significantly increasing the risk of pregnancy.
My proposal would be implemented beginning at the minor’s first call to receive contraceptives. There would be a first time screening by phone, and that is where the agency would find out if the minor’s parent is aware of the scheduled visit or not. The first appointment would be the counseling session, then the second appointment including the administering of the...

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