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Minority Incarceration Essay

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Is the higher rate to minority incarceration due to poverty or is it because the justice system failed them? Many groups of people have argued over this topic for years. The NAACP has made their views on the subject very clear. They are completely against racial profiling and they blame the justice system for the higher number of minority inmates. I believe that it’s because of the drug-war and poverty and not as much the justice system racial profiling. There is no way to answer this question without looking farther into what racial profiling is, and what affects it has on people.
From my understanding, when most people hear the words racial profiling they automatically think of ...view middle of the document...

The NRA believes profiling can help bring America back to its past glory. Greg Quinn is the editor of gunblast , which is a website dedicated to firearms, America, Americans, and our rights, makes a few interesting points with his views on racial profiling. I quote, “President Obama, Congress, the FBI, CIA, and other agencies that are supposed to protec1t our freedoms as Americans are letting the bad guys come into the house. We know who they are, 99.5% are Muslims, and 90% have Muslim names. The vast majority are from Middle Eastern or African origin. Their intent is well-documented. So, we have a group that we know wants to destroy us and some in our country are so concerned over their individual rights that they jeopardize the welfare of our entire nation. Folks, it’s time to wake up. We need racial profiling, or whatever you choose to call it, in order to protect America. We need to scrutinize all Muslims, Middle Eastern namesakes, etc. (those that meet the profile of the majority of terrorists) to provide better security for our country. Not all Muslims are terrorists; there are many most likely who are good people. But, it is proven that all terrorists are Muslim. Therefore, we must act accordingly.” (Quinn, 2010)
You and I may not agree with everything he says, but he does bring up a few good points. Is it worth not offending a few people to save the lives of others? Just think for a second, if profiling was in place on 9/11 how many people could have been saved? If just one group of the hijackers would have been stopped would the World Trade Centers have collapsed? Most people that died in the attacks died when the buildings fell. So on that dread full day in September all of the grief that profiling causes would have been justified.
On the other hand is profiling really as affective as people may think? Professor Angela J. Davis writes, “When I have been stopped and searched in airports over the years, what has hurt most is the offensive notion that law enforcement agents presume that I’m a drug dealer just because I’m African American. The personal inconvenience and embarrassment are upsetting, but secondary. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have others believe that I am implicated through guilt-by-racial-association with the unthinkably horrible acts of September 11th solely because of my appearance, my religion, or place of birth.” (Davis, 2012) Just as she was profiled because of her color Arab Americans are being profiled for their race and background. Many Arab Americans are American as you and I. They have full times jobs and great families that share our hurt and pain over the 9/11 attacks. A rarely discussed fact is that about 60 American Muslims died in the attacks and afterwards the families not only had to deal with loss of their loved ones but also the hatred of a hurting nation. (Hampson, 2010) Tatal Hamdani is the mother of Salman Hamdani who is a true hero in my eyes. Salman was a part time...

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