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Minor 20 1 Essay

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Source one shows a quote by Maximilien Robespierre. This quote means that you cannot just pass unjust laws and consider them to be just. Robespierre was the leader of the Reign of Terror, and during the beginning of the French Revolution he believed that laws should obey fundamental rights according to this quote. Throughout the revolution however, his views changed drastically, and this is clearly shown in his speech to the National Convention regarding his justification for the Reign of Terror. His speech includes his justification for wanting France to be a republic and why the Reign of Terror must take place. The speech follows a format that goes from inspiring to contradictory very ...view middle of the document...

Over the centuries, the monarchies have achieved political unity of France. In the wake of the Enlightenment, people began to take pride in serving the country rather than the king believed in equality. French ideas were are at the forefront of Europe and the world at large, at some point, the French Revolution almost seemed inevitable as more and more French people began to believe in nationalism. This quote is embracing nationalism. The “Reign of Terror”, although barbaric and violent, changed the lives of the people of France forever. Robespierre, although “heartless”, as some would say, envisioned France as a country of Liberty, freedom, and equality. His determination led France to victory in the end, despite all the massive bloodshed and loss. Developing rights, liberty, democracy, equality, and a newfound respect for every individual, the “Reign of Terror” succeeded in doing just about everything it had planned to do. The “Reign of Terror” created Nationalism that other European countries lacked, and demolished ruling classes, having France truly for the people.

Source two shows a picture of two RCMP officers, a sikh officer with a turban, and a female officer in male uniform. RCMP used to have a very strict dress code; they could not have facial hair, and had to wear a stetson. There was also rules for female officers, they had to wear a skirt, and have their hair in a ponytail. This picture is took after the Sikh turban issue in the 1990. When Baltej Singh Dhillon was accepted into the RCMP, he faced a choice -- serving his country or wearing his turban. He chose to fight for his religious rights. In 1990, the federal government finally removes the ban preventing Sikhs in the RCMP from wearing turbans. As well, this was also extended to women. They can now wear male uniform. The link to nationalism, is ethnic. Canada's identity is based on civic nationalism, one based on the ideal that the nation is an association of people who identify themselves as belonging to the nation, who have equal and shared political rights, and allegiance to similar political procedures. A civic nation consists of all those who subscribe to its political creed, regardless ethnicity, color, race, gender or religion. This picture is an example of embracing nationalism.
The officers were simply standing up and trying to protect their beliefs and values, and to create a equal field for both female and male. This movement created a more united Canada, and strive for what is best for the country, as a whole.

Source three shows a political cartoon. There are two objects in this cartoon, a girl and a car in flames. Instead of looking straight, the girl is looking down at the burning car with a worried expression. The phrase “Poverty, unemployment and Discrimination” is written below the burning car, which is contradicting the phrase written in the middle of the political cartoon; “Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood”. This cartoon shows how the ideas of...

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