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Ministry Gifts Essay

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A Bible Exposition on Epistle to the Ephesians Chapter 5:15

“See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise...” KJV

Our Theme
Our theme “Walk circumspectly” coined from Ephesians 5:15 is a part of a long instructive writing of Apostle Paul to believers at Ephesus who Paul describes “...saints in Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus” (Ephes. 1:1b). It is therefore an appropriate theme for a gathering like this. We are faithful in Christ Jesus and saints of God in the Diocese of Lagos.
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They were kind of choked by the prevailing practices. Consequently, it was impossible to tell a believer from an unbeliever. Paul who had laboured to see the birth of the church had to write this encouraging letter to remind them of their new status in Christ and expected responsibility.
Analysis of the Theme
“Walk” is the first word in our theme. The word translated “walk” in our text is “peripateo” which means ‘to tread all around’, “to walk about here and there” (especially as proof of ability) or to follow (as a companion or votary), to go, be occupied with as found in passages like Matt. 4:18; 9:5; 11:5; 1Cor.3:3; 7:17; 2Jn 1:4, 6; 3Jn. 1:3ff, Rom. 6:4, Gal. 5:16, 17 etc. From the usage of this word in the New Testament, it is clear that it could be used literally or metaphorically. In Matt. 4:18 it is used literally to capture Jesus’ action at that time (his walking beside the sea) while it is used figuratively in Gal.5:16 as well as in other passages of occurrence.
Paul known for his wealth of experience would have employed figurative expression to get his message across to highly educated and elitist church like the one at Ephesus. Hence, the profuse usages of the word “walk” by him in this epistle occurring in Ephesians 2:2, 10; 4:1, 2 & 17; 5:1&2, 8, 15.
“Walk” in the Context of Ephesians 5:15
In this verse and in other usage in the letter to the Ephesians, the word “walk” is used figuratively to mean “making one’s way, making progress, making due use of one’s opportunities, to live, to regulate one’s life, to conduct oneself, leading a life”. This agrees with the most of the New Testament uses as “daily conduct of one’s life or how one orders his/her behaviour or passes his/her life i.e. “the whole round of the activities of the individual life”. This word is synonymous with words like “stoicheo” – meaning “to range in regular line” “to march in (military) rank” i.e. “to keep step” “to conform to virtue and piety” “walk orderly” (cf Gal. 5:25; 6:16, Phil. 3:16 etc.)
“Circumspectly” is the second leg of our theme. It is Greek word akribos which means exactness, thoroughness, precision, accuracy in addition to the associated idea of looking, examining and investigating something with great care and alertness. The word akribos also pertains to strict conformity to a norm or standard, involving both detail and completeness, with focus on careful attention. In context akribos refers to ethical behaviour with a focus on careful attention especially regarding the dangers and deceptions that continually assault us from our mortal enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil.
Considered in English the word circumspect is of Latin origin, it is made up of combination of two words circum meaning ‘around’ + specere meaning ‘look’. In this sense it conveys the literal picture of looking around or figuratively being cautious.
Various translations have captured the passage differently but having the same meaning. The under listed...

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