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Minimum Wage Essay

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The degrading value of our minimum wage has proven to be a hurdle to society. States have taken an individual approach to ensure their citizens are successful. Increasing the minimum wage would be beneficial by reducing poverty, allowing workers to feel more stable, and stimulating our economy. A more positive lifestyle can be achieved with a higher minimum wage.
By increasing the minimum wage, the national issue of poverty would be reduced. No one will have to question when or where they will be able to sleep tonight. According to a Greenhaven Press article, “The 1956 minimum wage is worth $7.93 in today's dollars” (Sklar 1). Today’s minimum wage is roughly 8.6% lower than almost 60 years ...view middle of the document...

The cost of funerals is expensive, according to a Funeral-tips article, “. . .the average family often spends closer to $10,000 when all is said and done. . . ” (Testa 3). $10,000 is a lot of money. Before taxes, it would take 1,379 hours to save up $10,000, that is hard work! $10.10 an hour wage would take about 389 hours, or almost 10 weeks of 40 hour workweeks less to save. Expenses like that could come at any time. People have to be prepared for anything. According to a Daily Pennsylvanian article, “‘The proposal, if enacted into law, would affect nearly all on and off-campus student jobs,’ Director of Communications for Penn Student Financial Services Marlene Bruno said in an email.” (Baer 2) College students have a lot of expenses to account for. College is not cheap and many students on have jobs that pay minimum wage. They have to juggle working hard plus study for exams. In Sean McElwee’s article in Demos, “Even if raising the minimum wage caused unemployment (it doesn’t) it would still be the right thing to do. Work should have dignity, and dignity means being paid enough to live” (McElwee 1). Raising the minimum wage is to many a moral boost. Why have workers feel bad and worthless? Money speaks - it has different dialects, but it is a powerful driving force in our world.
With an increased hourly wage, we can be able to afford more goods. Our nation has proven that when people are given more money, we are willing to spend more. In a Greenhaven Press article by Holly Sklar, she states “Consumer spending makes up...

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