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Mind Set For Improvement In Banking Service

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SBI having customer base of such a high that compare to the population of few small countries in the world. SBI with largest number of branches and ATM are in India. As SBI is number one in many aspects in India, apart from this many more uncounted achievements of SBI is known to us during UDAAN session of SBI, We are made conversant with all data which shows that SBI is No:1 in many terms. But here is comes next point how can we maintain our No:1 position in coming years. With large customer base reaching to all corners of the India and many counties in world with variety ...view middle of the document...

We find out excuses to avoid disliking job. Some times our chair is misplaced by messenger by mistake, may be while cleaning or during some meetings, we feel uncomfortable with another chair. All this things happened in day to day routine at our working place and we end up with lack of satisfaction, our mind does not accept another chair easily, then how mind can accept change of routine working conditions easily?
Most of the people with fixed mind set repeatedly say during all their talk, that he/ she is not comfortable with change of food or he/ she can’t compromise with his eating habits, he/she can’t control anger, etc. At some occasion one has to change his place of bed in his own home then also next day person will keep complaining that last night he/she couldn’t get to sleep due to change of bed/ place.

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Lots of changes took place during last few years at SBI, whenever any change, its our mindset does not accept change in our routine easily. At SBI authorities conducted various training for entire staff like PARIVARTAN, CITIZEN SBI & many more.

These all training are aim to change our routine working at SBI, to improve working condition as well long term planning for good services to all customers ,in turn SBI wants to change our mind set at working place for better out put . Latest was UDAAN it was taken as celebration of SBI’s achievements during last few years. During UDAAN, in after lunch session there was a game of ball throwing, there was three types of ball table tennis ball, sponge ball & hard tennis ball, to be thrown in-side basket from different distances. Teams get marks for each successful attempt. I noticed most of the team attempt easy task with less marking all team members happy with less number with easy task, but very very few goes for difficult task with more marking, as unsuccessful rate is more with difficult task. I like to tell you all, same thing, we at SBI very eager to go for easy task? There are very few who attempt difficult task? We are afraid of challenging job? We are scared of failure? These are our MINDSET? Like this many more questions needs to be answer.

Scientists are learning that people have more capacity for life-long learning and brain development than they ever thought. Of course, each person has a unique genetic endowment. People may start with different temperaments and different aptitudes, but it is clear that experience, training, and personal effort take them the rest of the way. It is not that some fixed prior ability, but purposeful engagement, it’s not always the people who, with practice, training, method, we manage to increase our attention, our memory, our judgment and literally to become more intelligent for all sort of improvement in life. What on earth would make someone a non learner? Everyone is born with an intense drive to learn.
One need constant improvement, as life is a race and if you aren’t running in the race of knowledge you will fall...

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