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Millenials Essay

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I interviewed a past manager who was in charge of service for Southern California Carrier Commercial Services.  She had a great deal to share about millennials.
She explained that millennials are tech savvy.  If it is in regards to work and the information is not on a “cool app” or something easy to navigate (a program for example, that would fill in information for you), they are not interested.  For instance, at her company they use a program called Legacy.  She noticed millennials hate it because they ...view middle of the document...

  As if it is a waste of their time. 
This manger was concerned with the present day issue she found to be the hardest to cope with.  Millennials are all about social networking.  They want everyone aware of their ups and downs.  And working for a major organization, it is not about putting all of your information out there.  She gave an example of a millennial who was a sales representative who received a bonus for a major sale.  This rep put it on social media with the company’s information and so forth.  The millennials are not satisfied with one bonus, certificate that would be internally recognized, they now want everyone to be aware.  This hurts the organization, because they don’t want competitors to know how much a sale was for, or other private business matters. 
The main challenge that seemed to be the theme of our conversation was organizations wanting millennials to adapt to the business environment, but how can they when the business environment is evolving.  How does the organization keep baby boomers, veterans and gen-x’ers up to date, while making sure millennials respect the work place and understand their role?

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