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Military Vs. Civilian Essay

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Wayne Carlson
Eng 95.22
Tribulations of a Food Service Manager
I am a Food Service Manager for Big Y Foods. Holding this management title I wish that I could say is stress free. I manage two departments, prepared foods and the pizza shop. On a daily basis there are order’s to be sent and customer service is to be performed no matter what good or bad mood you are in. On a weekly basis schedules are to be done and discipline or holding employees accountable for their actions are performed. I am also in charge of cash tills and making sure spot checks are performed.
The quality of a good Food Service Manager is Customer ...view middle of the document...

Empathy also plays its way into the position because with so many employees below you anything can happen and it does on a daily basis. Employees will try to challenge you and how you handle it will set the tone of how the department will run, employees I think will work better when being heard. While all this is going on you delivery still needs to be put away.
Employees are actually the ones running the department; I am there to make sure that they are held accountable. I had a situation with one employee who told customers coming in about five minutes to have sandwiches made. She stated to them “we have phones just so you know”, well the customers were upset due to the comment and I don’t blame them. Now this situation called for sit down conversation between the employee and myself because no one is to be talked to like that especially someone causing you paycheck to happen. I know employees want to go home after a long day but when you talk to customers like that they will not return. Of course she apologized and guess what life goes on.
I really like my job it posts so many challenges every minute of every day. Having my job is to be a chameleon, no customer is the same. You must treat every customer like gold so they will come back no matter if you are in a restaurant or a grocery store. Working with the employees one on one is also fascinating knowing that you can help to change someone’s life is a feeling like no other. I think that you have to know where the fine line is at being the friend and being the boss. Having fun at work is also a key to good moral. An employee does not want to come into a department that is always a drab. Many years I have seen a good worker come and go due to poor treatment. I believe in respect and giving respect back to not only the customer but also the employee. Like I stated above the employees are running the department they are the face and the ears when I can’t be there. Being a Food Service Manager is challenging but also rewarding at the same time. I can say with everything going on the day does seem to just fly by.

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