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Military Technology Essay

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Military Technology
Saif Alasmari
ELS Berkeley
Mel Potts

On the one hand, we live in the technical world, which is my major at university where I learned a lot about technology. In my opinion, I believe that technology relates to every area. On the other hand, one of the specific areas that plays an important role in the country is military. The question is “does increasing military technology make us safer?” If so, how is military affected by technology, or the other way around. Therefore, some countries improve their military to their own purpose. In my paper, I want to let people know that military power is the most important sector in any country to live safer. ...view middle of the document...

During the Middle Ages, the Europeans developed the catapult to increase range and reach a long-distance. Over time, weapons have evolved and every country has wanted their military to be sophisticated. Beginning at World War I and II passing through the Cold War, warfare has transformed from using simple weapons such as firearms to advanced weapons such as military aviation, tanks, and warships. Warfare takes place at land, sea, and air, which make the battlefield more complex than before. Military equipment has totally changed from what it was before.
Military Technology:
Nowadays, scientists and technical development are necessary to make the military strong. Technology impacts and plays an important role in the military. Because of that, we have military technology, which is using the technology revelation to improve the military preparation. There are various types of military technology, for example, vehicles and transports, robots, sensors and communications. As we know, technology is growing and military weapons that some countries have are advanced and powerful. So, to what extent does technology affect the military. And why should countries be technically well developed?
While some people believe that using technology in the military should be limited, increasing military technology makes the public feel safer, combats terrorism, and minimizes the loss of human life.
Protect the Country :
One of the important sectors that any government should focus on is to improve military technology to protect its country. In the other words, the more military technology a government has , the safer the public feels. Because of the technical and industrial revolution, countries became armed to avoid being attacked by any enemy. Every country wants to be ready if there is any warfare or attack from any other country. If you have a strong military, your enemy will be afraid to fight you. In his article Wired for war: military technology and the politics of fear (2004), Kundnani says that because of the new threats around the world, the revolution in military affairs, which is the application of technology for military advantage is excused. In fact, If the military development is widespread in all countries of the world, any country should keep pace with revolutions in military to protect citizens. Keeping abreast of developments, especially in the military, is one of the important reasons to deter enemy invasion.
Opponents might try to argue that we will not live in peace when military technology is still increasing . However, what if the enemy wants to destroy or take over land. How can the government protect its country and keep their citizens peaceful ? According to Barton Kunst in Extreme Asymmetric Warfare of the Future (2011),the destructive power is not our purpose but we have to confront it and neutralize the enemy. In addition, when the country tries to use advanced weaponry, it does not mean...

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