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Migration To Europe Essay

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              Many people are migrating over to particular countries in Europe because the economic opportunities that have presented itself over the past decade. Immigration and migrating is when someone moves a significant distance from their originally birth place into a different area permanently, while an immigrant is one who takes part in this activity. A demographic transition is the growth stage of which a country is currently going through. Many countries in the Western Europe and of Northern Africa is migrating to countries such as Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom due to job opportunities, better living conditions, and also due to government ...view middle of the document...

Algeria and almost all African countries are in stage 2 of the demographic transition, where there is a high amount of birth rate while a low about of death rate. Therefore, within the country there are less job opportunities and so many flee to Europe because they need people to work the jobs no one wants.

              Many immigrants move to certain countries because they have certain connections within the country. For example, citizens in Belgium move to France because both countries speak French, which makes communication easier for those who migrate. This is also a pull factors to certain countries because people generally move to places where they are comfortable. Also, immigrants will move into certain neighborhood that relates to them in race, language, or religion, because this also creates a sense of home to them. They are drawn toward these neighborhoods because immigrants would rather be surrounded by people who know their customs and tradition instead of completely new strangers. Also if certain races, such as Korean, have been established for a period of time in a certain region or county, there will be services available to these immigrants. Such as market places, restaurants, and religious churches will be set up so Koreans will have easier time...

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