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Midterm Info Essay

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BA 302 online: Instructions for Midterm, Fall 2015
Window period: Friday, October 16th, 2015, 8 a.m. – Monday October 19th, 11:59 p.m. (I have extended the window period by one day from originally scheduled)
Time limit Six hours (you can take the Exam only at one stretch)
The test will consist of 17 True/False type (4 points each), 16 Multiple/Choices (7 points each) and 8 Essay Type (15 points each) with a total of 300 points. The Chapters covered are 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. The topics to focus in these Chapters are listed below following the general guidelines.
General Guidelines for Preparation for the Test
At the outset I want you to realize that this is an open book test, but full ...view middle of the document...

But some general but important reminders about logistics are in order: Keep at least one pen or pencil, a note pad and a working calculator (with new batteries) so that you may be able to do some calculations required for answering a question. Also keep the book handy because you may need the appendix tables in some questions. And don’t forget to save your work every five to 10 minutes during the Test, because some technical problems might arise. Also keep your computer in optimal performing condition. My best advice is that you learn how to use Excel quickly (Not absolutely needed for the test, but if you are smart and quick with these tools you may get some of the answers quicker than the tables in the book and calculator).
The Style and Design of the Test
The whole test consists of three sections with a total of 300 points. The First section is True/False section wherein you will get 17 questions (4 points each) covering chapters 1 to 7 (chapter 4 is omitted). The True/False questions should not take more than three minutes each on average. Therefore, an average student should be able to complete this section in about 50 minutes. The Second section is Multiple Choices wherein you will get 16 questions (7 points each) from a pool of questions with similar characteristics covering the eight chapters. The multiple choice type questions should take about five minutes on average. So I have allocated up to 80 minutes (in my mind) for this section for an average student. The Third section is Essay or problem solving type wherein you will get 8 questions (each worth 15 points) covering chapters 2 to 7. These problems should take not more than15 minutes each on average so that this section should be finished in about two hours by an average student. Thus the total time an average student will likely take to finish the whole test is less than 4 hours 30 minutes. These estimates are based on the long run average of several semesters. I expect that an overwhelming majority of students will finish within five hours. Some students will finish it much earlier. The extra 90-100 minutes is really for those who need a little more time. But in no “timed” Test can it be ensured that everyone will able to answer every question. We all work with averages and standard deviations, but there may be some outliers. Even in the Home assignments with three weeks or more, not everyone answered all questions. So, prepare and practice. The two tri-weekly assignments where you may have lost few points were designed to prepare you for this test and also give you more confidence and knowledge than just reading the book, my Instructions and ppt slides.
The questions in general are very similar to the corresponding tri-weekly assignment questions. So practicing those questions and following the solutions I have provided should help you. Generally I find that my own class instructions adequately cover all the (difficult) topics and give simpler examples, but studying the...

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