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Middle Childhood And Adolescence Development Essay

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Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development





Middle Childhood and Adolescence Development
Adolescence and middle childhood is a stage in human development that brings a sense of excitement, freedom, and exploration as teenagers advance to maturity. Nevertheless, adolescence and middle childhood is a very challenging stage as teens make their independent choices and seek to establish and discover their personality. However, various pressures influence adolescence and middle childhood thus challenging the destiny of teenagers. Indeed, adolescents are subject to pressures like peer pressure, substance use and abuse, dating, sexuality, and changes within ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, dating and sexuality is another pressure that adolescents face. Indeed, in adolescence and middle childhood, teenagers have high sexual impulses, which prompt them to seek sexual satisfaction despite their premature age. In the US But in the United States, about 46 percent of all high school age students, and 62 percent of high school seniors, have had sexual intercourse (Advocates for Youth, 2008). During this time, adolescents change their behavior to accommodating companionship and establishing relationships with the opposite sex. Nevertheless, these relationships do not last for long and lead to heartbreaks, premature pregnancies, abortions, use of contraceptives, and sexually transmitted diseases. As such, parents and friends should support the adolescents to prevent them from suffering the impact of this pressure.
Another pressure that affects adolescents relates to drug use and abuse which emanates from peer pressure. Drug use and drug abuse is very common among the adolescents (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2012). Adolescents use drugs as they look for excitement, to relieve stress, curiosity, relaxation, adaptation in a given environment, and because of peer pressure as they seek to identify with the ideals and behaviors of their peer group. Nevertheless, in most cases this leads to drug abuse as the drugs fail to achieve the intended purpose. Drug abuse is very detrimental in adolescence and middle childhood (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2012)....

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