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Middle Ages Marking Transitional Period In Europe

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Middle Ages marking transitional period in Europe The Middle Ages marked a transitional period in European political, social, and cultural history beginning from the fall of the Roman Empire. After the fall of Rome, urban and economic life decayed. After the centuries of chaos and disorder, a new political, social, and economic system emerged in which wealth, power, and social standing came from the ownership of land. All aspects concerning political, social, and cultural history changed drastically from what was the Roman Empire ways to which became later on the monarchial ways of Europe.During the Middle Ages, politics began to change considerably from what politics were before the fall of ...view middle of the document...

First of all from all the wars, Europe developed a new way of life based on the need to resist invaders. Also, people during the Middle Ages were extremely devoted to the church and ensuring their salvation and a good life in the world there after. People were very conserved in everything they did and always tried to lived a simple life without sins.Throughout the Middles Ages, the building of churches and cathedrals confirmed the strength and importance of the church. They were incredibly dedicated to the church. The Roman Catholic Church had enormous power and influence. During the Middle Ages, the vast majority of the people were peasants who lived on self-sufficient estates called manors. The towns that people lived in were extremely crowded and dirty. The towns were surrounded by walls to protect them from attack. Hygiene was very poor and disease usually spread very quickly among the people causing many deaths since medicine was also very poor.During the Middle Ages also a cultural transition period occurred. Some monasteries and cathedrals became...

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