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Middle Adulthood Essay

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Middle Adulthood
Jamika Golden
Mercer University

Middle Adulthood
According to Rathus (2016), Middle Adulthood spans from ages 40 to 65. Although we may mature at different rates, our physical rates can be reversed in some cases with diet and exercise. In this stage, people go through many physical changes such as hearing and hair loss graying of hair, vision changes, and wrinkling of skin just to name a few. Middle-agers are more susceptible to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, and diabetes. In mid-life there is a decline in vision, many gain weight, and reduce in height. Some men develop sexual dysfunctions while women go through menopause or what is ...view middle of the document...

Many middle-agers have issues with memory lapse and are easily distracted. The middle age brain procedural memory is a kind of motor memory of how to do things, and it tend to perform at it peak(Rathus,2016)There is little to no change in accumulated knowledge and verbal capabilities. Mid-life social and emotional development continues to be pertinent and diverse in this stage of life.

Rathus (2015) states ages 40 to 45 are considered a mid-life psychological transition, Daniel Levinson termed this phase “mid-life crisis.” During this stage many people assume their best years are behind them.People tend to have much anxiety and self-doubt. The mid-life crisis is considered to be a normal part of life. While going through a mid-life crisis, one may feel he or she needs their journey to be modified.They may change a career, buy a sports car, or even get a divorce. In conclusion, to the many other responsibilities many roles change for the middle age adult. Consequently, many women become empty nesters.

This syndrome is a feeling of loss of purpose that women usually experience after their last child leaves home. Although the modern mother seems to recover rather quickly and begins to find new purpose after child bearing and rearing years. In comparison, to the many women who remained in homes and their hold life centered around the family. In other cases, some kids do not leave home or come back home because of money issues. Therefore causing additional stress on the middle age parent who may have to take on roles of caregivers for older parents.

Middle age roles may consist of taking care of aging parents. People are living a lot longer hence transitioning into the late adulthood. In many other nations besides the United States, it is found that many seniors live with their children and grandchildren. Many middle age children become...

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