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Microsoft Vs Vmware Essay

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Microsoft vs VMware
What’s the difference
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Microsoft vs VMware Virtualization
There are two types of virtualization software applications. One type is called Microsoft APP-V software and vSphere 5.5 or known as VMware virtualization. I am going to discuss three main differences between to two programs. One difference will be discussing licensing. Some other differences noted are Disk space and Support programs. I will also discuss memory, and ease of use.
Microsoft APP-V software is a program that allows organizations to host the application and deliver virtually to users. From the users perspective it runs like an installed program, however from the IT admins point of view it is much easier to manage and maintain a single ...view middle of the document...

(Mayer, 2013)
One comparison and contrast to both Microsoft APP-V and VMWare is Licensing. As all Microsoft APP-V software provides all necessary licenses free of charge. The VMWare vitalization software has a majority of the same licenses, but at an additional cost to the organization. Microsoft APP-V is more user friendly and wallet friendly as to ease of use and cost.
Another difference is the ease of use and management of Microsoft APP-V against VMWare vitalization. They both operate on the same OS, but as Microsoft does not operate on Apple operated hardware. If a company was ran solely on Apple machines then VMWare vitalization would be an ideal way to go; however, if a company is operated on all Microsoft operated software Microsoft APP-V would be the ideal route. (Mayer, 2013).
In conclusion the comparison between Microsoft APP-V and VMWare virtualization is a small comparison. The biggest comparison is cost. The cost of operating Microsoft APP-V is more attractive than using VMWare Virtualization. The licenses provided also makes Microsoft a more attractive medium to go for. The support capabilities will also make Microsoft a better choice as well.

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