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Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (Rdg) Essay

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3Mokihana Sabang
Unit 3
Dear Richman Investments,
I am happy to hear that you are looking to expand your company and are currently looking for a remote access policy. One, I think giving your employees the ability to use their company computers from home and when traveling for the business is a great opportunity, I also believe it can be a high risk ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG)
* Allows you to log in to your ETSU computer from off-campus
* Requires no software installation
* Presents a lower security risk
* Does not expire (subject to periodic review)

With that said there will be rules set for all employees’ in which RDG is to use.

1) All employees will sign a RDG agreement.
2) All employees who will be given a company computer will need to get permission from Vice president.
3) When connect to the company internet/server you must make sure no one else will be on your network.
4) Computers must be up to date with anti-virus and any recommended software.
5) 30 minutes of inactivity, computer will automatically disconnect from the network.
6) Only the Headquarters VP, Presidents, and IT will be able to access any other sites on the network. *(not vice versa)
I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with getting this setup for your company. Feel free to email me with any questions.

Mokihana Sabang

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