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Microsoft Office User Manual Critique Essay

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Critique of Microsoft Word User Manual

The key to beginning anything is a good introduction, be it a book, an essay, and editorial, and yes, even a user manual. I especially enjoyed the Introduction to the user manual for Microsoft Word 2007. It begins with an introduction to the authors that contributed to the user manual, telling us about their fields of expertise and experience in technical writing. Such an introduction assures the reader that what they are about to read comes from those that have much experience in the area and that the user manual will be as informative as they hope to expect. It then goes on to describe what is new in Microsoft Word 2007, at first glance you can already tell that Word 2007 is more aesthetically pleasing, but this section ...view middle of the document...

However, I searched high and low looking for anything that would help to describe what certain terminologies such as “footnote” or “bullets” mean. The manual is pretty extensive so I may have just overlooked it. But if it is indeed the case that such explanations were not included than that is something that I would highly recommend be in the next iteration of the user manual.
The MS Word 2007 user manual has excellent step by step instructions for people to use when they want to learn such techniques as adding commands to your quick access toolbar. Everything is broken down into tiny steps that as you read them, it may take awhile to complete, but you can rest assured that you will get it right the first time. Their use of visual aids is also exceptional. The screenshots are crystal clear with legible labeling to parts of the image that correspond to the section you are reading from. I'd say that my only gripe with their visual aids is that there really aren’t enough of them. It may work for some readers but I know I like to have more images to help me understand the material.
The layout of the manual itself is really nothing special, it reads like most any text book that you would come across, I don’t really know if there is anything I would improve upon the layout, it does its job well and doesn’t hinder the intake of any knowledge.
All in all the manual is very very useful. I myself have never been too adept with Microsoft Word; I’ve only really known the basics of how to create an essay. But after reading this manual I now realize how much can be done with this software, so many things I could’ve used to make my work easier in the past I now know I will be able to apply to make it easier in the future. A great manual that I know I will refer to in the days and weeks to come.


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