Microsoft Motivational Practices Essay

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Microsoft Motivational Practices

Business today’s global markets is highly competitive. Top companies strive to employee the best and brightest minds to maintain that competitive edge. While attracting the best and brightest is a difficult task, keeping these highly sought after employees motivated and content is the true challenge. The top professionals in a field are always sought after and constantly approached by competitors. They are offered lucrative benefit plans, better wages, and employee perks. Many times these efforts pay off as the employee leaves for greener pastures. While this happens in most ...view middle of the document...

Major Components and Motivational Practices
Microsoft's organizational structure is very intricate and diverse. Although it started with two young visionaries in a garage is quickly grew into global organization venturing into multiple associated software markets. With operation centers and subsidiaries all over the world employing more than 95,000 workers. Half are located in the United States, and the average age for a Microsoft employee is 37 years old. The largest division of the company is the business group, employing 46,000 of Microsoft's workers. (Leigh, 1999).
"Microsoft is the world's largest computer software company, and as a result, there are a lot of people behind the scenes. A 10-person board of directors runs the company, with Steven Ballmer as the CEO and Maria Klawe as president. The board is made up of 5 committees including: the audit committee, the compensation committee, the finance committee, the governance and nominating committee and the antitrust compliance committee. In addition to this board, Microsoft is made up of an executive team to handle leadership and the corporate staff council, which oversees staff functions throughout the company." (Leigh, 1999)
Having such a diverse and broad scope of operations, at a divisional challenge it is difficult to manage and engage workers to stay on mission. With so many different corporate mission objectives, VP's need to ensure that their particular division is meeting corporate objective and ensure that it meshes flawlessly within the larger picture. research and development has a corporate mission, it may not be the same as global marketing or, IT solutions. Employees may be easily distracted by different issues within other divisions and stray from their very specific divisional goals. Being as the average worker is 37 years of and most are the top performers in their field, the common distraction that VP's deal with are employees striving to make Microsoft a better organization by delving into areas out of their scope of responsibility as stated by Steve McConnell a former Microsoft executive,
"Motivating yourself and other employees is part of the Microsoft corporate culture. Microsoft avoids the problem of phony-sounding management motivational speeches because, as often as not, the question doesn't come from a manager; it comes from the person who will have to do the work if the person in question doesn't do it." ( McConnell, 1996, para. 6). The motivational structure at Microsoft is very intrinsic. Employees strive for excellence for the good of the corporation, and often overextend their boundaries by trying to solve issues with other employees in suffering divisions.
The Divisional VP's have a great responsibility in dealing with this issue. While the need to keep their employees focused on their divisional responsibilities, they also do not want to impede good old fashioned initiative derived from company loyalty. VP's encourage inter-divisional...

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