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Microsoft Active Directory Security Essay

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Dear Mrs. Simmons:
I am sending you the following paper. “Microsoft Active Directory: How to effectively manage corporate network environments with cost savings” while adhering to the requirements for the final research paper for English 235: Technical Writing.
Throughout my report I will show examples of per computer cost savings that can be achieved by using Microsoft Active Directory. These savings can be leveraged on any size corporate network to help make IT services more effective and enhance productivity. I will also explain how Active Directory makes IT management easier in regards to implementing large scale changes while securing the corporate network.
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By connecting these disparate computer systems together to form networks using a common set of protocols, Microsoft Corporation has developed a secure and centralized management structure to help maintain these networks. When Microsoft released Windows Server 2000, the company introduced a new centralized way to manage network resources: Active Directory was born. When Microsoft was developing Active Directory its design engineers realized the benefits and security aspects that a centralized methodology would bring. New tools were developed to work with this new hierarchy to further enhance the network administrator’s leverage for managing rapidly, ever-growing corporate networks.
In this paper, I will discuss how Microsoft Active Directory helps secure the corporate network and its valuable information, reduce labor and IT costs and how it makes network management easier through utilizing centralized tools.

What is Microsoft Active Directory?
Microsoft Active Directory is a special-purpose database used to handle a large amount of network objects and centrally manage these objects. The Active Directory defines a domain structure at the highest level and other network objects in a hierarchical system below that domain. These network objects are broken down into separate items:
* Users
* Groups
* Contacts
* Computers
* Organizational Units
Users are defined as the account created by Accounts Management teams and used by a single individual to log into networked computers. Accounts Management teams are also responsible for modifying their access by adding or removing them from groups. A group is a collection of different user and computer accounts, contacts and other groups or any combination of these items that can be managed as a single unit. Users and computers that belong to a particular group are referred to as group members. (Microsoft TechNet) When a user account is created by the Accounts management team and that user needs access to the company’s email system, the team creates a contact record for that user with software that is bundled with Active Directory. This software is called Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC). The contact record then shows up in the global address list so that anyone who needs to message someone in the company’s directory can then email that individual.

Image 1

(Source: Image 1 above shows the creation of a contact for the user. This contact will now show up in the company’s email directory so that people can email this individual)
A computer account is a network object that is defined within ADUC. The computer account uniquely identifies the computer on the domain. The Windows computer account matches the name of the computer joining the domain. A person that would be joining the computer to the domain must already have the proper credentials in order to perform this task. Only...

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