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Microastrology The Mysteries Of Time& Events

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Microastrology- the mysteries of time and event

Micro astrology is that part of astrology which define shortest period of time for any human event realization, decision and action. It is a part of astrology, which very few astrologers used to
Practice to predict every upcoming event. The time configuration is continuous in Micro astrology.
Micro astrology is the subject, which can deliberately prove the validity of astrology in terms of time
Analysis and not in terms of planetary influence. All the bogus claim of modern science, scientist,
And so-called rationalist that astrology is a myth can be spell bound with the accuracy of micro astrology.

Formerly micro astrology was used ...view middle of the document...

, every day event where effects of time is important to get the actual feed back of happenings in real life much in advance.

The basic theory of micro astrology is for every earthly event and changes around us, there must be certain moment to occur, if we know the secrets of the moment, we can foresee the event much early before the actual event will take place.

People who are well accustomed with various scientific theories of modern world may wonder that how such a subject could exist without the measuring parameter of modern science. But in reality it is true as eyewitness reality. If we know the moment, we can trace out the actual event.

Now, the parameter of microastrology is quite different than the parameter of Modern time. The indicator of moments, its nature and conditions are astrological which clear this fact that the subject and its co-ordinates are parameter for measuring time and not the so-called planetary influence from heaven.

Here micro astrology has great conflict with astronomy and traditional astrology even it’s use the similar kind of parameters in different way, a way which one can say to find reoccurrence of time and related events. Whatever the conflicts, micro astrology data are prepared with practical events records and completely depend on observational truth to trace out upcoming happenings in short period of time. The subject has no space for divinity, gossips, mythology, religion, and astronomy, but time and its affinity towards the upcoming incident in actual reality.

In modern science it is believed that until an event occur in the upcoming time, it is absurd to predict the event as accurate as reality. Micro astrology works in complete opposite direction of this kind of scientific thinking. Micro astrology basic for all contemporary events is it is quite possible to know the nature of event of any particular moment with several co-ordinates known as time vernier scale.

Reader may confuse with this term ‘time vernier scale’. Just think the action of a clock, it measures the hour by its short arm, simultaneously its measure the minute by long arm and another arm is measure every second time interval. Thus a clock has three time vernier scales to measure time.

In micro astrology a moment is measured by different kinds of time vernier scales, which are very unsusal than clock time measuring system. We measure time by clock, micro astrology measure nature of events by different time vernier scales. Each scales indicates different characteristic part of a running event nature. These vernier scales are hidden secrets, which modern science never found in course of research because modern science is unaware about the living beings different type of time vernier scales . There is no such research work on it even in this millennium by Modern scientific wizards.

The result of direct observations on micro astrology is so stunning that it may ruled out any sorts of modern scientific theories...

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