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Micro Mobile Data Center Market Trending Report

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A micro-mobile data center is a small, portable data center system designed to resolve or share the workloads of the conventional data centers. Micro-mobile data centers come with small set of servers and virtual machines as compared to the traditional data centers. Micro-mobile data centersprovide secure and fast access to data and compute resources. These are even enhanced with in-built cooling systems, security systems, associated management tools, fire protection and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS). Thus, micro-mobile data centers offer ease of installation, simplicity in use and cost effectiveness. These are suitable for use in remote locations, disaster prone areasand even for temporary deployments. In terms of rack size micro-mobile data centers are classified as 5-25 rack units (RU), 26-50 RU and more than 50 RU. Various end-users of micro-mobile data centers includegovernment, telecom ...view middle of the document...

Growing demand from cloud services is a key factor driving the growth of micro-mobile data centers. Micro-mobile data centers help in reducing latency between the cloud and devices, which improves the performance of the cloud services. Along with this,micro-mobile data centersare highly energy efficient and portable, which makes them much superior to use in comparison to the conventional data centers. Also, with increasing digital traffic due to services such as Internet of Things (IoT), micro-mobile data centers help in reducing latency and enhance security of data.


Lack of awareness regarding micro-mobile data centers is one of the major concerns which may restrain its market. Most of the businesses are still using large and conventional data centers which lacks the features provided by the micro-mobile data centers such as portability. Further, installation of micro-mobile data centers experiences challenges due to vendor lock-in barrier asthere are issues such as lack of interoperability with the previously installed traditional data center system. Further, software for traditional data centers need to be adapted to efficiently distribute workloads to micro-mobile data centers and to address software product gap created due to lack of interoperability.

The increasing number of IT services and social networkingplatforms, globally,is leading to rapid growth in number of data centers. People are now moving towards onlineservices, which is increasing the data load on the present data centers.With growing data consumption across the globe, lightweight scale-out workloads have also been increasing. This will increase the demand for data centers,especially, micro-mobile data centers, which are more sophisticated as compared to conventional data center.

Some of the key manufacturers of micro-mobile data center market are Schneider Electric SE, Rittal GmbH & Co., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Panduit Corp., Dell, Inc., Zellabox, Silicon Graphics International Corp., Canovate Elektronik and Elliptical Mobile Solutions.

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