Michelle, Not As Tender As Her Name

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“Michelle, Not as Tender as Her Name.”
I had never been scared of hurricanes. Even if people say that hurricanes are one of the most terrifying natural events that occur, destroying homes and taking lives every year. I was accustomed to their route through Cuba, maybe because I have not realized the destruction they really can do. Every hurricane season, three or four passed leaving behind some major floods and some roof partial gone, but anything else.
On November 4, 2001, Hurricane Michelle was a different story. Since Hurricane Fox in 1952, Michelle was the strongest hurricane that had hit Cuba. It was the most destructive hurricane I have ever seen struck my ...view middle of the document...

A profound silent took over among us. Something was different this time. The only sound heard for hours was the extremely heavy rain against the windows, which was like that of pins dropping on a metal surface. The intensity of the rain and the strong growling of thunders increased as the storm ventured closer to the north coast. Thunder clouds continued to rumble, like an ocean tide rolling closer and closer to the beach front. One hour later the rain had created a wall of water on the street that started leaking under the doors and through the front windows. The walls were wet as if it was raining inside. All ten of us were crunched in the only little bedroom of the house like mice in a mousetrap. The humidity and our nervously sweat created a dense atmosphere in the uncomfortable room difficulting our breath. The roof trembled every time a gust of wind passed by…and we thought that it would go with the next. The sound surrounding us was outrageous, it sounded like a steam locomotive roaring toward us. At some point, a little part of the dining room roof had gone. The wind blasts that went inside the walls created mini twisters as destructive as the hurricane itself. The rain’s drop modified by the speed of the winds created a tremendous chaos all over the house, destroying pictures and decorations. Three hours later, by 12:00 a.m. Michelle has completely passed. We felt the morbid calm and the silent after the storm. But the worst thing was for beginning.
With the sunrise and the good weather returned, we came back to our homes, or better said, to the place where hours before were our homes. As we approached to the town, we notice tons of debris everywhere, torn off roofs, broken windows, uprooted trees and shrubs, trees which lost their leaves totally, and dead animals all around. Wherever we looked, we can saw people’s belongings destroyed or submerged in the mud....

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