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Miami Downtown Hotel Area And Site Review

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Site and Area Review

Proposed Hotel on Brickell Bay Drive, Miami, FL

Site and Area Review
Site Considerations Introduction The site is located on an undeveloped parcel of land on high-end Brickell Bay Drive, just south of SE 12th Street, on the east side by the bay. The available land is divided into two parcels. The hotel will be on the Southern portion of the side. There is no existing structure on the land, just a patch of grass, and it is fenced and closed off. There are hotels on both sides of the property and all along the same street. So it is assumed the area is well set up to provide the appropriate utilities services. The new hotel is planned for opening on January 1, 2015. ...view middle of the document...

” In 1911, she developed Brickell Avenue and in 1912 sold 130 acres of land to James Deering, who later constructed Vizcaya. By January 1922, Mary Brickell began development on an area known as „The Roads” and eventually the Brickell family owned all of the coastal land between the Miami River and Coconut Grove. The area became so prestigious that it was soon one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami. Today the mansions that characterized the Brickell area in the past have given way to office buildings, luxury hotels and condominiums. However, one thing has remained the same throughout, which is Mary Brickell‟s vision of the area being the center of commerce for Greater Miami. International firms such as Deloitte, Citibank, Banco Santander, Miami Today, Greenberg-Traurig, Chase, and many more. In addition, Brickell has the 2nd largest cluster of embassies and consulates in the county, behind Coral Gables. Brickell is Miami‟s Madison Avenue and Wall Street all roll into one. As a location within the urban core, the hotel will be in a T6 transect, according the new Miami21 form-based code. This allows for optimum heights and mixed use. Access Brickell Bay Avenue is a small local avenue which runs parallel to Brickell Avenue on the east side next to Biscayne Bay. Access to Brickell Ave and Brickell Bay Drive is relatively easy. Brickell Avenue is US Highway 1, which converts to Biscayne Boulevard north of Downtown, and US 1 south of Brickell, going all the way to Homestead, and one of the busiest. It is the oldest and principal road in Miami, running along Biscayne Bay. The Miami People Mover has 2 stops in the area and the Metrorail stop with a variety of buses, runs along NW 1st Street, which is three short blocks from Brickell Bay Drive. The Metrorail recently opened a direct connection to Miami International Airport. South Miami Avenue is only a block from Brickell. Just north is The Miami River, which runs from the bay inland about 3 blocks from the site. Across the Brickell Bridge on the north side is an exit from Interstate I-95 expressway into Brickell. There is another I-95 exit unto South Miami Avenue and Brickell on the south side, about 10-13 blocks from the site. Interstate I-95 runs to 836 Don Shula Expressway, and 112 Expressway, both which connect to the airport, about a half-hour for the whole ride. The Port of Miami, where all cruise ships coming to Miami dock, is in 2 Thunderbird Consulting Group

Site and Area Review

Proposed Hotel on Brickell Bay Drive, Miami, FL

Downtown Miami, about a ten-fifteen minute ride by car. The area is also about a fifteen-twenty minute car ride to popular South Beach, going north to Downtown Miami and across the MacArthur Causeway. Perpendicular to Brickell and ending on the avenue are 8th Street and 12th Street (Coral Way). 8th Street is a busy, popular road, made famous by the Cuban exile community in the 70s‟s and its popular Calle Ocho Festival (8 Street Festival). The Cubans have...

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