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Mgt 521 Discussion Question Essay

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Mgt 521
Week 4
Assessed Discussion Question: Trust and Interpersonal Relationships
o When working in teams, is trust assumed or do team members have to earn trust?
o Consider how trust is lost when working in teams and how to keep trust among team members.
In my opinion trust is a complex value that has different meaning amongst groups and individuals. There are various levels of trust that can be obtained. Trust realms the spectrum all the way from the superficial level to the level where your deepest darkest secrets can be divulged. For the University of Phoenix’s purpose we will be dealing with team dynamics and interpersonal functioning.
A small level of trust must be assumed when working with a group. This assumption is that we will all do our part and meet deadlines as well as communicate. Usually this trust is tested and ...view middle of the document...

The success of a group is hinged on their ability to develop a relationship of trust. Issues develop that are conscious and sub-conscious. According to Smith, we make perceptions about others based on abilities and integrity without communicating issues and concerns and thus are left without a part of the picture, 2008. We also bring in our own insecurities and fears which project underlying and hidden problems within the group.
Ultimately complete trust is an earned value within a group. We enter the group with tentative and forced trust and through communication and team building we exit the group on a different level of trust. During the group process individuals must do what they say, complete projects on time and be respectful of the group process. If a team’s goals and guidelines can be met/followed a team stands a good chance at some level of success.
If someone proves to be unreliable or not come through on their portion it begins to brew mistrust and resentment within the group. Sometimes groups will confront one another about the perceived issues, other group members will talk behind one another’s backs. Groups even go to great extent to avoid the “problem” all together and someone just ends up picking up the slack. I have experienced numerous levels of this group trust issue as a student at the University of Phoenix.
A group member who loses the trust of others has to try to regain that trust or risk not belonging in that group anymore. Clear communication of expectations, feelings and deadlines helps to clear the air. I have seen groups crumble because the team could not come together as a whole and place trust in one another’s hands and I have been on teams that have been extremely successful and stuck together for over a year.
Trust has different meaning for each group member but the basis of that trust is that we are a team and we have to complete work and tasks. As adults it is our job to figure out how to make the most of other’s abilities and short comings and make a group work.

Smith, R.. (2008). The paradox of trust in online collaborative groups. Distance Education, 29(3), 325-340.  Retrieved September 15, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID: 1618071871).

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