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Mgt 437 Week 5 Lt Final

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Final Parking Garage Project
MGT 437

Final Parking Garage Project
Team A will be conducting a project breakdown for the parking structure that will be built in the busy city of Downtown Los Angeles. As a team all aspects of the project have been analysis and carefully assessed to make sure that building this parking structure will be built to expectation. There will be a breakdown for how long this project will take to complete and all the steps that will be completed within the timeframes that are given. In this project breakdown we have also included a breakdown of the budget and how the money will be spent and how as a team we will be selecting all employees that will be working to ...view middle of the document...

Restoring order to an overcrowded downtown will increase consumer confidence by encouraging new clients to conduct business with the various firms that reside in the downtown professional building.
Project Stakeholders
Identifying all stakeholders at the beginning of this parking garage project is important. There are different classifications of stakeholders which include the project customer and the project manager, for example. Since the project customer is paying for the engagement and they want us as the project managers to succeed, it is important to clarify who exactly the project customer is; our success is based on the satisfaction of our customer. The customer evidently is the one paying for the parking garage, the group that is financing this large project, thus owning the property.
Owners of parking garages are generally investors looking to reap a financial gain from their initial investment. However, cities also own their fair share of parking garages and look to purchase lots to construct parking garages. Cities can have parking garages constructed either for income purposes or to aid in traffic and parking congestion, or a mixture of both. Whoever the group is that’s funding this project is the party we will be answering to and working to satisfy their needs in this project. As the project management team, it may be apparent to obtain more funding than initially budgeted. If this occurs, we must go to the project customer to get approval for extra funding. Not only will the customer be responsible for approving actions but will also be observing our work closely and make sure we are held accountable for our results.
Other project stakeholders are dependent on a few factors, such as who the project customer is. A general list of stakeholders for this project may include upper management, line managers, the project customer, project leader, and project team members which include those aiding in the construction (plumbers, construction workers, electricians, etc.).
Project Goals
Building the parking structure will help the businesses’ in the building, and it will ease the frustration the consumers experience parking in the location. With all major projects like this the time that it is expected to be complete is longer than most projects. Normally for a large scale parking structure it will take about 12 months for it to be completed, with room for any unexpected delays in the project. Having an estimation of the project with averaging any expected delays is easier for everyone. It will be a welcoming surprise to business owners if the project is completed before the expected date without any delays.
Since this will be a parking structure and not a parking lot, the cost will be more. The project is planned to bring in an additional 1,000 parking spaces. Normally parking lots average around 1,500 per space, this is because it is on a flat surface, less material and manpower is used, and fewer hours are used as well....

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