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Mgt 431 Week 1 Dq 1

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• What is the new strategic role of human resources (HR)? How does this role affect you in your current position? Is this effect positive or negative? Why


The role of human resources is a large responsibility to take on. It not only involves the hiring, training and evaluation of employees but takes entire control of the human capital within an organization. Human resources has all the responsibility to monitor the basic operations of a company. From design of work to recruiting all the way to working with supervisors and supporting the organizations strategy. Ensuring that the Human Resource department is critical yet ethical can help a business become a success.

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There is a thin line between being critical and crossing human rights boundaries.


Human resources is no longer a job of hiring and firing and filing papers. Human resources plans, organizes and works with management to ensure the company meets their strategic goals. Human resources is responsible for panning how many and the type of employees is needed which involves forecasting and developing training. Human resources not only hire individuals from outside the company but also work with management to promote internal associates if they meet the needs of the organization in another position. Sometimes a company has to hire employees and sometimes human resources recommend a shift of employees from one area to another or even cross training. Additionally, human resources are in charge of laying off or downsizing when times are tough for a company.
As an employee of 12 years, human resources monitor my pay as well as my performance. They also review my resume when I post for other positions. Obtain my supervisor’s recommendations, do initial interviews and make commendations to the hiring managers as well as make recommendations on pay increases etc for the individual chosen for the position. We have a phone line that I can call and ask questions about policies and procedures such as sick, vacation, or travel policies. We can also report instances of ethical misconduct. The effect if positive because human resources is considered a neutral party. They don’t hold grudges or hire based upon who they like or dislike since they don’t know us personally. A negative however, is that since we don’t see them we sometimes might not feel comfortable reporting issues to someone over the phone.

Managers today are seeing HR as not only an administrative function, but also a means to support an organization's strategy, which is the organization's plan for meeting goals that include growing its market share, increasing profits, and improving the quality of the organization's goods and services. HR professionals are now considered to be strategic counterparts to an organization's management. HR professionals call upon their knowledge to develop organizational strategies and to align HR policies and practices with these strategies. HR professionals must consider how their decisions will affect the entire organization, taking into consideration possible ramifications and...

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