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Mgt 418 Case #2 Essay

933 words - 4 pages

Direction 1

Direction for Some, Support for others

Leadership 416-01

California State University Of Dominguez Hills

October 10, 2013

Direction 2

Direction for Some, Support for Others

This case shows the way that Daniel Shivitz, the manager of a small business called the Copy Center, manages his business in a profitable way on a Path Goal theory based. Daniel is a very effective manager who has been very successful at fulfilling his employees’ needs and complementing his management style with the employees’ work style. Shivitz has ...view middle of the document...

Daniel was quick to be responsive to the demands of his employees and to give them space when is needed.
Leadership style affect on employees’ motivation
Daniels’ leadership style affects the motivation of employees at the Copy Center in a very positive way. His allows his employees to be very open and communicate his ideas freely while maintaining a friendly and professional environment. He allows them to interact with each other and maintain a comfort zone of respect.
Duplicating service. This department is based on a straightforward operation system. The job was very dull and monotonous, but Daniel was able to promote a friendly atmosphere by “letting the staff wear casual attire, letting them choose their own tapes for background music” Northouse, pg. 151. This motivated the employees to give their best attitude to their customers and inspired them to be happier and feel important even when their work was unimportant.
Desktop publishing. This area was more complex and required of more skilled employees. Daniel was able to deal with these employees who were more independent, self-assured, and self-motivated and gave them the space needed for them to feel comfortable and work to their 100% potential. He made sure to be available in case they needed help from him. Making himself available to his employees at any time and allowing them to work in their own space motivates them to develop their skills to a one hundredth percent in a desirable environment.

Direction 4
Leadership influenced by characteristics of the task and subordinates
“Leadership Styles interact with characteristics of subordinates and the work setting to affect the motivation of subordinates” Daft. 143. The leadership style Daniel used to manage the two departments was perfectly fitted according to their employees’ personalities, task, behavior and background. He developed a style based on the Path Goal that best fitted their employees in each department.
Duplicating service. In this department the job requirements...

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