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Mgt 307 Week 5 Team Assignment

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Evaluating Performance through Motivation and Conflict Management
Robert Cummings, Katie Delong, Kara Gonzalez, Stephanie Hernandez, Rachel LaFontain
MGT 307
April 25, 2011
David Parsons

Evaluating Performance through Motivation and Conflict Management
Organizations apply motivational and conflict management theories to keep employees aligned with the organization’s goals and to remain competitive in their market. Organizations employ ...view middle of the document...

This theory attempts to provide work behaviors that lead to satisfaction. “Process theories of motivation focus on the thought or cognitive processes that take place within the minds of people and that influence their behavior” (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2008). This process probes further to discover why people respond to certain rewards and opportunities.

Applying Motivation Theories
Every organization is run differently and no two organizations are alike; thus when applying motivation theories to motivate employees, no single motivation theory are effective for every company. Companies apply the previously mentioned motivation theories in different ways, depending on the type of employees that they have and what self-motivates their employees. Many organizations use monetary incentives as a motivating force for their employees. Some examples of monetary incentives are bonuses, merit-based pay, skill-based pay, profit sharing, and gain sharing (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Using these incentives, employees are more productive because the incentives are motivating and appealing. Employee recognition programs are also highly effective. Recognizing employees for their hard work and effort, a sense of pride is established in not only themselves but also their work. By intrinsically rewarding employees, both their production and attitudes are better.
Conflict Management Strategies
Managers have the choice to react to a situation or manage employees effectively to limit conflict. Not all conflict is avoidable; however, effective managers take the time to acknowledge employee differences and clearly communicate the organization’s expectations.
An appeal to common goals can focus the attention of potentially conflicting parties on one mutually desirable conclusion. By elevating the potential dispute to a common framework wherein the parties recognize their mutual interdependence in achieving common goals, petty disputes can be put in perspective. However, this can be difficult to achieve when prior performance is poor and individuals or groups disagree over how to improve performance. In this negative situation the manager needs to remember the attribution tendency of individuals to blame poor performance on others or on external conditions. In this case, conflict resolution begins by making sure that the parties take personal responsibility for improving the situation (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2008, p. 350).
Whether to blame poor performance or lack of coaching, an important strategy for management is to have active...

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