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Mgr Paper

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Spilling every lie you've spilled before, still I'm not forgiving you. What's happened between us? What can I give to save us? Being righteous isn't quite enough! What's happened between us? What can I give to save me? ~A Single Moment Of Sincerity Album: Stand Up And Scream
Asking Alexandria, a band that started in Dubai actually by lead guitarist Ben Bruce and his friends. They weren’t called Asking Alexandria at first, but they later changed their name to AA and then disbanded. Ben moved back to the U.K and was looking for bandmates where he saw Danny Worsnop’s cover of a song from the band Alesana. Ben contacted Danny and they started the band Asking Alexandria. They recruited other ...view middle of the document...

Cam: Also, don’t forget to bring a tooth brush!
Interviewer: Alrighty then… *laughs* so your debut album just came out a month ago, how are sales going?
Danny: Fantastic. We have a lot of fans…. And groupies *winks* but in all seriousness we never thought that most stores would be sold out of our CD!
Ben: It’s bloody fantastic mate! A lot of shows are sold out and we’re living the dream!
Interviewer: So you guys are also on the Punk Goes Pop 3 album, can you tell me about that?
Danny: For sure, we were sitting in one of our friend’s room trying to figure out what song to cover when Ben came up with the idea of covering Akon’s song Right Now (Na Na) so we did.
Ben: It was a blast to record and play live.
Interviewer: Awesome! On another note what is your favorite song to preform?
All: A Prophecy.
Interviewer: Danny, sing/scream some of it?
Danny: I should've known the tides were getting higher! We can still survive. They think we're drowning but our heads are still above the waves! Above the waves!
*Interview goes on but I’m cutting it short*
<<< Reckless & Relentless, the bands sophomore album
After a lot of touring the band returned to the studio and started working on their sophomore album Reckless & Relentless produced by Joey Sturgis again. (He produces a lot of bands). Their sophomore album, Reckless & Relentless is a tad dark but yet also very hopeful. It’s a very mature album change from their first CD Stand Up And Scream. Reckless & Relentless tells a story about how they all go really down and depressed in life. It’s a very moving album. They also went on Warped Tour 2011. Wish I could’ve gone. Alas! I did see them in 8th grade for my birthday on the Still Reckless Tour. Asking Alexandria headlined the tour and brought in the bands Trivium, I See Stars, Motionless In White, The Suit and The Amity Affliction and one band that nobody knew the name of. Most of the bands are in the same music genre as AA – which is metalcore. Metalcore is a genre that is a fusion of extreme metal and hardcore metal and has a lot of break downs and chugging guitars. A lot of bands are in this genre of music, but there are tons of genres that break off from the metalcore genre. Bands of the metalcore genre consist of Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Trivium, Asking Alexandria, and The Amity Affliction, Motionless In White and The Devil Wears Prada and a lot of other bands. Metalcore consists of a person who may or may not scream/growl and another person who does cleans. Not all bands have two singers, must have one who do both the screaming and singing, for example Danny Worsnop does the screaming and cleans for Asking Alexandria which brings me to the next discussion, - Danny.
I won't let you be the death of me! No I refuse to let you bring me down! Bring me down! I won't let you make me out to be, the one who's in the wrong; and I've lost my mind before. But now I'm back! And I'm better than ever!...

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