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Mgmt T Information System Review

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A typical wan transmission speed is 1mbps.
A business cannot use the internet unless it goes through an isp. True
A device attached to a network is called a host.
A host address on an internet is its ip address.
A lan is a network that provides service within a site.
A packet is called a packet in a routed network
Different isps interconnect at network access points.
For human reading ip address usually are expressed in dotted decimal notation.
Multiplexing reduces the cost of trunk lines.
217.42.248 is an ip address
A corporate network can use osi standards at some layers and tcp ip standards at other layers. True
A network architecture is a broad plan that specifies everything necessary for two application programs on different networks on an internet to be able to work together effectively.
An ip packet is encapsulated in a frame. ...view middle of the document...

A noise spike is a brief large increase or decrease in the noise energy.
A signal is 1/1000 of its initial value when it reaches the receiver. How many decibels is this power ratio? -30
A a signal is 1/16 of its initial value when it arrives at the receiver. In decibels this is power ratio or approximately -12.
Changes in a signal during propagation are called most generally propagation effects.
Emis increase with frequency. False
Parallel transmission is transmission over more than one wire pair.
Routers use a mesh topology.
802.2 is the working group that crates Ethernet standards. False
An Ethernet data field is 100 octets long. How long will the pad be. There will not be a pad.
B2-cc-67-od-5e-ba is a valid mac address. True.
Ethernet is inexpensive thanks too, all of these. Hierarchical top. Use of multiple switches. Its use of regeneration and rstp.
Ethernets hierarchical topology makes it expensive and reliable.
In a hierarchical topology there is only one possible path between an two stations.
In broadband transmission, signals are injected directly into a high speed transmission medium. False.
Switched Ethernet networks primarily use unicasting.
The Ethernet data field contains a packet.
Wpa is attractive compared to 802.11i because many older devices can be upgraded to wpa.
Access points take packets from wireless devices and send them on to devices on the wired lan. They also do the opposite .
Wlan users are mobile so wlans use omnidirectional antennas.
Speed spectrum transmission is used in wlans for security reasons. False.
An unauthorized internal access point is a rogue access point.
If an 802.11a wlan has a throughput of 23 mbps his is aggregate through put.
Bluetooth and uwb is limited to about 10 meters.
When radio waves cannot pass through a large dense object, this creates a shadow zone.
In wlans, emi may be produced by microwave ovens and devices in nearby wlans.
Signals usually spread over a range of frequencies.

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