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Mexico's Drug War Essay

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Mexican Drug Wars

Today Mexico and it citizens are in the middle of a major battle zone between powerful drug cartel who are going to extreme measures to claim their territories and gain more power. Mexican government have stated that their primary focus is on dismantling the powerful drug cartels, however they need to begin by doing internal cleaning within their authorities and politicians in order to be able to accomplish this. There are many factors that have gone into the drug cartels evolving into what they are today, but there is one that is above the rest and that is government corruption. The lack of authority and poor management in the Mexican government is the primary reason ...view middle of the document...

Each new organization has steamed from within each other due to rivalry and intra-cartel violence. They fight aggressively over overlapping territories and to gain control. A study was release that described the conflict in Mexico as “no longer a simple problem but a threat that is metastasizing into a new form of widespread, network criminal insurgency.” The report states the cartels are increasingly going against the government directly (2).
The enormous wealth these drug trading organizations have acquired has given them the mean to corrupt. Mexican cartels rely heavily on bribes and corruption as a means to infiltrate the Mexican political system. There are huge financial incentives for them in Mexico to maintain and protect their business. That is why the cartels will stop at nothing to ensure their operations are followed through and completed. They have no problem corrupting or killing law enforcement officers and public officials who might otherwise compromise their operations. It is reported that Cartels spend as much as $500 million a year in briberies. A good example of this is the incident that lead to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s escape from prison in January 2001. According to Anabel Hernandez in “Narcoland”(3) Guzman allegedly bought his way out of prison by offering bribes to prison guards, who facilitated his escape. Although Mexican officials report arresting numerous prison personnel for this it is just one of the many similar incidents Mexico is currently dealing with.
Similarly to the Mexican government the country’s judicial system is also increasing stained by the drug wars. As long as corruption continues to dominate the Municipal and Judicial systems of Mexico there will not be any improvement with the situation. Police corruption results from

many interconnected factors. Key structural concerns such as low wages, low advancement potential, lack of training and equipment and poor accountability mechanisms increase incentives for police officers to engage in corruption. With that being said the Mexican police have not earned the citizens respect and cooperation needed to confront together the war against drugs.
The Mexican drug war has spread to every part of the country creating fear among the citizens and pushing them to flee for safety. More and more citizens are crossing the American border each day creating problems for the United States. This is not the only problem the United States faces. According to Joseph Keefe of the Drug Enforcement Administration approximately half of the cocaine available in the United States enters the country along the United States-Mexico border. Keefer also noted that the majority of marijuana and significant portion of heroin consumed in the United States originates from Mexico (4). That is why it is important that the United States takes a more assertive roll in developing a prevention program with the Mexican government. No other country affects the United States on a day to...

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