Mexico, Poor Wretch Essay

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Mexico. Poor wretch.
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The war-on-drugs has already claimed a lot of lives, especially in Mexico. The drug-problem already exists. Figuring out whose fault it is or where it started will not change the violent atmosphere of the drug cartels in Mexico or the desperate need and million-dollar-market for narcotic substances in the US. It matters how the two governments deal with it now. There is no doubt that Mexico suffers under the violent atmosphere of the drug cartels. To get a clear understanding the paper is divided up in four pieces: Part one will be a brief explanation about the origins of the war-on-drugs and why it started (I). Part two will give further information how the governments are dealing with the war. Has the Mexican government lost control of its own territory? A cheeky question, but fierce and vivid (II). Who is fighting a war against who? The real question is whether there is an actual fight against the drug trade or whether too many parties earn too much money from the drug trade. Is this a put-up job (III)? In the last part a short enclosure will be given to conclude and comment on the previous discussed subjects (IV). The research of this short paper is done by means of literature already published about the war-on-drugs. The most important source was Wellinga (1999). The bibliography can be found on page 5.




A junky had to come into contact with narcotic substances first before he became a junky. Once you become a junky, you’ll only want more and probably do anything for this. The consumers in the US spend approximately fifty billion dollars on these drugs, making the US responsible for fifty per cent of the global usage on narcotic substances. Not to forget that the US is also the largest supplier of weapons in the world. Mexico on the other side is responsible for sixty per cent of the trade in Colombian cocaine and the greatest producer of marihuana, heroin and other synthetic drugs (Wellinga, 1999). Approximately ninety per cent of the cocaine consumed in the US reaches the US through the southern border. The term ‘war-on-drugs’ was not widely used until President Nixon created the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in 1974 to announce the fight against drugs (Suddath, 2009). In the eighties President Reagan of the US piled it up by declaring war to all drug producers, -traders and –consumers (Wiering, Berio, & Oudheusden, 2010). When President Calderón was elected as new Mexican president in 2006, he declared open season on drug cartels sending a troop 0f 6500 soldiers to squash the killing between two rival drug cartels. President Calderón ordered his forces to end the power of the drug cartels with all means necessary. In 2007 his public security minister also removed 284 corrupt federal police commissioners. The cartels responded to the actions of President Calderón with an endless stream of violence (Suddath, 2009). The homicides...

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