Mexican Immigrants Essay

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Luke Beaty
Mrs. Branstetter
CA I- 1st Hour
24 September 2012
According to the Pew Hispanic Center (PHC) in Washington, D.C. there subsist approximately 11-12 million illegal immigrants in the United States in the year of 2009(Germano). Immigrants persist to the United States rapidly. Fifty nine percent of all immigrants in the United States consist from Mexico in the regions closet to the border. The main reasons people legally and illegally arrive to the United States are for visas, family, and dreams.
To begin with, United States Immigrants from Mexico come to the United States illegally because there are not enough visas. There are only one hundred eighty thousand visas handed out in Mexico per year (Germano). One hundred eighty thousand ...view middle of the document...

He is one of the millions of Mexicans that illegally cross The United States borders for work. Manuel bid his family goodbye and made the border crossing, to go to work in Chicago, Illinois. Manuel makes long trips to the United States to earn money to support his wife and children.
Additionally, Immigrants think that the United States is a place to fill their dreams. There is a girl named Fang- Yi Sheu who loves to dance (“Destination”). She thinks the island of Taiwan is too small for her ambition. She wants to dance on the world stage; this means she must leave her friends and family behind to move to the United States. She took her chances and made her way to New York City. Now, she is living as a star of the Marta Graham Dance Company (“Destination”). Now she hopes and believes that one day, modern dance will flourish where in the future Taiwanese dancers will have plenty of chances where they are living.
In the end it dose not matter if immigrants come here legally or illegally there going to come to the United States if they want to. There are around 37.6 million illegal immigrants living in the United States as of 2010 (Germano). They subsist to come for work to feed their families, dreams, and because there are not enough visas handed out.

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