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Mexican American Essay

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The Mexican- American History
May 22, 2014

1. The first picture caught my eye was Pedro Infante was a famous Mexican actor during the golden age of Mexican cinema. I consider Pedro an important contributor to society because he brought a whole new meaning to the movie making of Mexico Pedro mostly played the role of a Mexican Rancher but worked out for him very well because he soon became one of the best actors of his time along with Jorge Negrete and Maria Felix.

2. María Félix was a Mexican film star whose extraordinary beauty and force of personality made her a living myth to Mexicans and a symbol of glamour and sophistication to fans throughout the world. ...view middle of the document...

Also they got to experience to live with a different ethnicity soldier with Anglo, African American, and other South American Latinos. The Mexican-American received more respect and admiration appreciation from the commander officer for fighting for their country and the same time the soldier was looking for a better opportunity for their life.

6. Mexican American / Hispanic women do during World War II both at home and the military some women served the war and other worked at home assisting servicemen. One of the women jobs were to help to do labor by vacuum was creative by the servicemen. Also they started working in the fields and they gained the work experiences throughout the time the women’s creative it organizations and fair about las mujueres.

7. The zoot suiter/pachucos were man's suit popular during the early 1940s, characterized by full legged, tight cuffed trousers and a long coat with wide lapels and heavily padded, wide shoulders. During the 1940s, many Mexican-Americans suffered widespread discrimination as dramatized in Zoot Suit. To combat such discrimination many Chicano youth wore stylized zoot suits, adorned with oversized jackets during fabric shortages as a form of social and political rebellion. Zoot Suiters felt disempowered by their position within society and used their fashion to send out a message and as a means to regain their masculinity. The Pachucos were accused with the murder of a fellow Mexican-American not because of clear evidence or proof, but because of their ethnic identity, renegade style of dressing, and behavior. The fundamental conflict that led to their arrest and unfair trial was a clash between Mexican-Americans and the dominant White American culture.

8. The Sleepy Lagoon case was so important in the 1942 because Mexican Americans have inherited their naturally violent tendencies from the blood thirsty Aztecs of Mexico. In early August 1942, the statement above was filed by Edward Duran Ayres, head of the Los Angeles County Department's Foreign Relations Bureau during the People v. Zammora case, most commonly known as the Sleepy Lagoon case. Mr. Ayres claimed the boys' instinct to kill was biological, inherited from their Aztec ancestors. Racist and prejudice ideologies such as this were the basis of the Sleepy Lagoon case. This case represents not only prejudice and racism, but also the power of unity and coalition in the struggle against injustice.

9. The Bracero program was during and after the World War II in 1942 through 1964 allowed Mexican nationals to take temporary agricultural work in the United States United States was in need of Mexico and its laborers. Americans were at war and labor was needed in order to supply the soldiers with food and keep the countries agriculture going. It was in 1942 when the United States and Mexico negotiated an agreement that was known as the “bracero program”. For Mexicans it was a chance to get a better life and an...

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