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Methods Of Recruitment Essay

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Methods of recruitment and selection and its impact on corporate culture and processes.

Human resources are like natural resources;
they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking
for them; they are not just lying around on the surface.
-Ken Robinson
“…while extraordinary products and unique services still afford
a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stand the
test of time… is people.”
-Mark Salsbury, Human Capital Management: Leveraging your Workforce for competitive advantage.

Creating and sustaining a corporate culture that truly emphasizes people starts with hiring a particular kind of person. Locating, attracting, and hiring people that thrive ...view middle of the document...

During this process, the key role of a hiring manager is to develop and implement effective staffing processes, that are coherent with the company’s strategic vision, mission and values. Having right KSAO’s in place, hiring the best and brightest is impossible without a thorough understanding of the Company’s strategies and current objectives. Hence, it is important to hire personnel whose values align with those of the organization. There are various tactics, methods and strategies that allow organizations make the recruitment and selection process effective in maximizing “hits” and avoiding “misses.”
In order to ensure a successful recruitment and selection, Human Resources managers start filling vacancies with collecting, analyzing, and organizing information about jobs, determining the duties, tasks and activities involved in performing these jobs. This process in called job analysis. Not only it gives managers thorough understanding of the processes involved in the job tasks; it also improves performance within the organization and helps to avoid misunderstandings between employees and employers, as well as potential lawsuits. Followed by job analysis, managers can start designing jobs and job descriptions. There are several approaches to job analysis: PAQ (The Position Analysis Questionnaire System, that covers 194 different worker-oriented tasks), Critical Incident Method (identifies critical jobs tasks that lead job to success), Task Inventory Analysis (incorporates an organization-specific list of tasks and their descriptions used as a basis to identify components of jobs), Competency-Based analysis (that considers the worker’s competencies required to accomplish certain activities and responsibilities). Depending on the objectives as well as the specifics of the job, a recruiter can choose one of the above methods.
According to Employment Minister Jason Kenney, “Shortage of skilled workers will be one of the Canada’s greatest future economic challenges.”(“Financial Post” June 25, 2014 3:32PM ET) Many industries have already begun experiencing the impact of skills shortages and started implementing radically reactive solutions such as offshoring or outsourcing. As employers strive to hire the best and the brightest talent, there is a need of the recruitment and staffing process that is powerful and effective yet cost and time efficient even at the times of inefficient number of candidates available on the job market within the reasonable time limits. Good recruitment is planned and structured very well, for unplanned recruitment can lead to numerous problems and unnecessary expenses.
Before and within the recruitment process, there are numerous factors to consider: economic, demographic, technological changes, industry trends, organization’s current needs, competitive environment, competition, and others. Following the trends of globalization, for example, to become stronger against their competitors,...

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