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Methods Of Evangelism Essay

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Summary of Method
This method is to use love, compassion, and service to reach people. We have to remember to always have a smile on our face and do this with a generous heart. Meaning that we want to the work of a servant, just as Jesus set an example by washing the disciple’s feet (John 13:1-17). Jesus wants to show that no one is above doing a servant’s work. I also see motivation of servant evangelism in Mathew 25. Jesus is telling his deciples to feed the hungry, give the homeless shelter and cloths, take care of the sick, and meet the essential needs of people, when doing this; it would be the same as if the disciples were meeting the needs of Jesus. Savant Evangelism is ...view middle of the document...

The problem that can come up in this method is that when the receiver rejects the Gospel, the evangelist may back away because of not want to offend the non-believers.

Evangelism Explosion
Summary of Method
Evangelism Explosion is asking a non-believer a set of usually framed questions in order to reach non-believers with the Gospel. This is sort of on the job training for evangelism. The questions that are used may consist of question such as: Do you think that there is a heaven or hell? Do you know for sure that you are going to heaven to be with God? The goal is to get people to come to a decision of accepting or rejection Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Advantages of Using This Method
This challenges the believer to get out more and be more active in evangelism in and around their community. This causes the Christian to understand and to be able to communicate the gospel more effectively. It also confronts the non-believer in the conviction of the gospel and will not allow them to ignore the message of God’s salvation plan.
Disadvantages of Using This Method
The disadvantage is the method can get routine and may sound or seem artificial. Christians seem to memorize question, statement and responses, and starts witnessing from rehearsed script instead of have a dialog with the non-believer. This can be a high pressure sales routine in which the non-believer may give into the tactics because they feel backed into a corner. This will result in false converts.

The Roman Road
Summary of Method
This is a method of intellect that uses the book of Romans to walk a non-believer thru the plan of Salvation. In this method the verses are organized in a way that simply shows who is in need of salvation, why someone needs salvation, how God provided salvation, and the result of when man accepts God’s salvation.
Advantages of Using This Method
The advantage of this...

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