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Methods Essay

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This portion contains the research design, the subject of the study, the data collecting device, and the ways that the researchers did to derive up with the result.
The researchers utilized a descriptive method of gathering data, meaning collecting data by way of using survey questionnaire and introduce them to the selected respondents. It was developed with the determination of describing the study, making the readers understand what the study is all about and on how it will be helpful to every student to be aware on the most prevalent activities that the UB students ...view middle of the document...

The respondents of the study were limited to fifty only coming from all College Departments of the said institution.
The questionnaire was based on the specific objectives of the proposed study. In order to discuss the data gathered thoroughly the percentage of the responses was computed to interpret the data. And the formula that was hand-down where as follows:
P= xn
Where: P = percentage
x = number of respondents who answered on a particular item
n = total number of respondents

The success of this study required the help of various individuals. Without them, the researchers might not meet their objectives in doing this study. The researchers want to give their gratitude to the following people for their invaluable help and support.
Mrs. Herminia Castro, her kind and responsible research adviser, for the moral support and encouragement;
Selected students of the University of Batangas who shared their time and efforts to participate as research respondents; and
Library Management for allowing the researchers to utilize books, thesis and dissertations, and some reference materials that they needed for the progress and success of this study.

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