Metabolic Syndrome In Young Adult People Can Reduce Life Expectation

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Metabolic Syndrome in young adult people can reduce Life expectation
The definition of metabolic syndrome is quite tricky, because it represents a condition where several diseases converge. The problem comes when this condition gets chronic, and slowly damages in an irreversible way our body, causing an early death in relatively young patients. The main diseases that will decrease life expectation present in the metabolic syndrome are: diabetes, obesity and arterial hypertension.
The mechanism in which diabetes will decrease life expectation according to Texas Heart Institute is because hyperglycemia or, high levels of glucose on the blood, can be toxic to several ...view middle of the document...

Studies developed by the American Heart association describe that obese patients have accumulated high amounts of LDL cholesterol that will forma atheromas causing once again an ischemic heart disease or even a lethal heart attack. Also as most patients with obesity, they accumulate fat tissue in a centripetal way, like an apple, this causes a higher pressure in the abdominal cavity, decreasing the pressure in the thoracic cavity. Causing severe episodes of dyspnea that affect the oxygenation of the body. (American Heart Association, 2014)
Finally the last potential danger to the patient´s life expectation is arterial hypertension. As cited by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, arterial hypertension can damage the heart forcing it to contract harder and harder until it fails and develops a congestive heart failure. Another organ that gets affected by chronic arterial hypertension is the kidney, causing micro damage in its small arteries, with glomerular hypertension and eventually a kidney failure that if not treated, will decrease 20 years from the patient´s life expectation. (National Heart, Lung, and Blodd Institute)
To conclude metabolic syndrome will decrease a patient’s life expectation by exposing him to several life threatening diseases, both acute like ischemic heart disease, heart attack, and chronic like kidney failure. It’s important to treat every aspect of the metabolic syndrome to avoid these consequences.

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