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Metabical Essay

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Situational Analysis and SWOT

Situational Analysis Item | Issues-Facts | Implications to Situation | SWOT |
Organization Structure | | | |
1 | Barbara Printup has over 20 years of experience marketing prescription drugs | Experience helps in the marketing and launch strategy for s new product to market | S |
Leadership | | | |
1 | $25B in sales in 2007 | Brand recognition is key | S |
2 | Clinical trials performed to show majority of individuals reached weight-loss goals by week 12 and minimal weight loss after that | By generating data through clinical trials, FDA clearance is a route which is an opportunity over its OTC and supplement competitors | S |
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Will be challenging to pull customers away. | T |
3 | Competitors include Alii, OTC drugs/supplements, weight watchers, Jenny Craig and gym memberships | Competitors with a large following and brand recognition will be challenging to pull customers away. | T |

SWOT Profile

| | Strengths |   | Weaknesses |
| | Barbara Printup has over 20 years of experience marketing prescription drugs | | 10 years of testing and $400 million in R&D costs |
| | $25B in sales in 2007 | | Negative side effects occur when users consume high levels of fat and calories |
| | Clincal data showing efficacy | | New to dietary drug world |
| | Researchers at CSP combined an appetite suppressant (calosera) with a fat-blocking agent (meditonan) to for Metabical | |   |
| |   | |   |
| | | | |
Opportunities | |   | |   |
No prescription-drug options avaliable specifically for the overweight segment (BMI 25-30) | | By combining an appetite suppressant (calosera) with a fat-blocking agent (meditonan), the segment of overweight people can now be targeted | | By efectively penetrating the large $3.74B market, overcoming the time and money spent in R&D should not be a problem |
$3.74 billion market for weight-control products in the US | | The support program can help get overweight/obesity away from being one of the leading causes in preventable death by explaining how Metibical works | | Negative side effects occur when users consume high levels of fat and calories can be overcome by using th support program to educate consumers on how to effictively use the product |
By 2008, over 65% of the 230 million adults in the US were considered overwight, obese, or severely obese | | Invest some of the $25B in sales in order to penetrate the $3.74B market' | |   |
Being overweight is "The second leading cause of preventable death in the US" | |   | |   |
Support program planned to complement pill | |   | |   |

Threats | | | |   |
Most health insurace carriers are not expected to reimburse patients for Metabical costs | | Using clinical data showing efficacy can be used to show how much better Metabical is compared to the OTC products and to persuade insurance providers to cover the drug | | Even though there are negative side effects occur when useres consume high levels of fat and calories, by showing the overall good of the product, competitors will have no chance to compete |
Prescription weight-loss drugs already approved for use in both obese and severely obese individuals | | By combining an appetite suppressant (calosera) with a fat-blocking agent (meditonan) to form Metabical, the combination can be shown to be much moreeffective than the OTC competitiors and the diet supplements on the market | | By using the resources and time in R&D to come up with Metabical, the research can be used to show health insurance providers that Metibical should be covered and to show how much better...

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