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Meru Cabs Kind Of Analysis

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d of AQT- II: Final Case Write-up

Relying on MERUServing Customers Anywhere, Anytime
Group E
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Relying on MERU- Serving Customers Anywhere, Anytime
On a cool Tuesday morning of November 13, 2011, the atmosphere inside the “Meru Cabs” office in Vishakhapatnam was the one of panic. Mr Rajiv Mishra, the franchise owner of Meru Cabs in Vishakhapatnam, was looking at the preliminary reports of 3rd quarter of 2011 which was also the first quarter of their operations in Vishakhapatnam. ...view middle of the document...

" It was first launched in Mumbai in April 2007. Since then, Meru Cabs has grown exponentially terms of fleet size and geographical presence. It started in Mumbai with 45 cabs in 2007; expanded to three other cities in 2008 (Delhi, Hyderabad & Bengaluru). It has scaled to a fleet size of 5000+ cabs in past 3 years, across Mumbai (1800), Delhi (1200), Hyderabad (800) and Bengaluru (1200). It makes more than 20,000 trips per day and serves more than 1 million passengers a month. It enjoys the reputation of being the 3rd largest "Radio Taxi" company in the world and the largest operator in each of the cities where it operates. When a customer needs a cab to travel to other part of the city, he calls the Meru Cabs service centre which works 24x7. The customer needs to specify the pickup location where he needs the cab and his destination. Each cab is fitted with GPS based tracking device that helps the service centre executive to identify the nearest free cab from a customer's pick up location. After deciding on which cab to send for the service, the customer is given the cab number, through which the customer can identify the cab. Also the customer's address and other details are communicated back to the driver on the display screen. On reaching the destination, the printed receipt for the fare is given to the customer, as each cab is fitted with a tamper-proof digital fare meter. This way, the location information and fare details are continuously sent by each cab back to the control room for tracking purposes. Following are the features that every Meru cab carries:    The Cabs that are used are brand-new, neat and clean, hygienic and air-conditioned. They contribute to pollution reduction by using CNG fuel which results in a cleaner and safer environment. The drivers are fluent in local language, English and Hindi, so that the customer does not find it difficult to communicate with the driver during the travel. The drivers are in Page 1

QT-II, Case writing

Relying on MERU- Serving Customers Anywhere, Anytime
a clean Meru uniform, which contributes to building the brand image of “Meru” along with giving a sense of hygiene to the customer. GPS technology is used for 24x7 Customer Service Centre and Round the clock availability of cabs. The use of modern technology enables quick pick-up and faster response time. There is also an advantage of tracking the location of the cab which provides a sense of security to the customer. It is also very helpful in case of emergencies, so that the cab can be tracked and help can be sent without delay. Meters used for generating fare are digital and tamper-proof, which are connected to the GPS system. It eliminates any chance of overcharging by the driver. A printed receipt for every fare, providing details of distance travelled and total amount payable There are regular spot checks by patrol vans which ensure highest standards of service

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GPS - Supporting Meru Cabs
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